1. ricobanderas

    Disappointed by bass in Sony MDR-1R's

    So I have a pair of Sony MDR-1R's and love them for their comfort and profile. I put a strong emphasis on comfort since I like to listen to music for long periods of time. The cups and fit (I have a fairly narrow head) are just perfect. But recently I started to listen to more hip-hop on them...
  2. KStreetSounds

    X5 / E12 / O2 Combo for DT770 80-ohm?

    I have a Fiio X5 with Beyer DT770 (80 ohm). Two Questions:   (1) FOR PORTABLE: Is adding an E12 amp total overkill for 80 ohm cans? Or how noticeable will the benefits be?   (2) FOR DESKTOP: If I'm currently using the X5 as an external DAC for my desktop, how would the O2/ODAC combo from...
  3. voz6

    Headphones for Drumming?

    What do you recommend for over ears to use with my electronic drumkit? To set the scene I have a Roland td-9 drumkit and play along to music. I am looking for some high end headphones (preferably over ear) which will handle a lot of base without distortion. They also need to have good mid and...
  4. Christo4

    150 Euros balanced headphone recommendation

    Hello guys! After some time thinking about it i have decided that it is time for me to buy a new pair of headphones.   The price range is around 150 euros.   I already have a Senn HD 380 pro and a Fischer audio eterna, but i am looking for something full-size and with a little more...
  5. zombie medic

    help! need a new pair of headphones for around $200

    hey everyone. I want to buy a new pair of  headphones for around $200 and was wondering what would be the appropriate headphone based on my music preferences.   i listen to rock,electronica,emo,screamo,dubstep and heavymetal. I also dont want the headphones to require a amp ( i want them to...
  6. bourbonhoova

    Discerning Bass-Head can't decide which sub-$300 closed full-size / IEM 'phones to get.

    hi, yep - it's another fresh new-comer holding out his cap and calling out for some free advice.   I'm trying to decide which headphones will be a really good choice for listening primarily to electronic music, they must be suitable for use outside of the house (so no open-back types) and I...
  7. soundisee

    Headphone amp into Audio Interface?

    I recently bought DT 770 pro 80's and a FiiO E10 which work fine together but I mainly use my audio interface (MBox 2) since I am mostly recording music. I'm not sure how to explain this but is there a way to either run 2 sound devices at once (FiiO E10 + Mbox 2) or is there a way to plug the...
  8. lundsaunet

    Best headphone for travel and home use? (100-250$)

    So I've decided to get a new pair of headphones, I currently own the B&W P3, but i am not satisfied at all, mostly due to the the mids being to excessed for my liking. My problem is that I wanted something for commuting, as well as home-use, and i can't find any can that meets all of my...
  9. ineedbass

    Terrible experience with Beyerdynamic - need alternatives

    Sum up a long story; bought Dt 770 Pro 80s from Guitar Center online, right speaker stopped working after few months, sent headphones back 3 times in a row, sent me back refurbished pair and now audio seems to be cutting in and out, head person in charge of service repair was an *******, and I'm...
  10. tml09

    Closed Headphone blues

    Hey everyone.    After listening to my crappy 2.0 Logitech speakers for so long, I've decided that it's time to buy a new pair of headphones. Over the years, I've owned a few decent headphones, which I use about 70/30 for gaming and music respectively. These were the HD598, HD555, and the...
  11. ArcticPhones

    Best mid/vocal headphones I can find broken?

    Ok, so normally I'd just search the form for one of the numerous threads for "Best mids or Best vocal headphones" and I'd get a bagillion posts, but there's a problem.   The problem is that the headphones recommended are too good. By this I mean their probably over $200 and anyone buying...
  12. erasermcfleafly

    Good headphones for EDM

    Trying to find some headphones for $150 or less that are good for electronica/electro/dance/dubstep etc. Something with a lot of bass and soft cushion around the ear. Any suggestions?
  13. obobskivich

    American Middleweights

  14. RHythmiie

    Looking for some headphone advice

    Hello to all a ya ;) Hope the days farin well.   I'm in the market for a fresh set of cans/amp , have had a pair of the hd 280's for something like 4 years now, un-amped.   Having spent a fair bit of time browsing and reading, the like, I've still run into a good number of potential...
  15. draacor

    thanks everyone!

    I want to thank everyone and this site for their wonderful help in me finding the right headphones for me. I have tried the grado sr80i, athm50, akg 272 and k550, dt770 80ohms. I finally settled on a pair of shure srh840's. I love them, exactly what I wanted, comfortable, detachable cable, no...
  16. bclark8923

    Looking for a balanced headphone and amp/DAC setup

    Hello all,   I'm still fairly new here.   I've had a pair of beyerdynamic dt 770 80 ohm for about 5 years now, in the last months i got an E11 amplifier for it and just recently picked up a pair of Ultrasone 900s.  I thought the 770s were amazing but I LOVE the bass and soundstage of the...
  17. Marximus

    If the DT 770 Pros are good enough for Ingrid Michaelson...

    ...then they're good enough for me!  Ordered my pair.  They should be here next week.
  18. Spillages

    Considering using my DT990s as a portable

    So, being that these are my first set of real headphones I feel that i stumbled on a true gem. I find it very hard to get a portable set of headphones for use at work. I'm sure everyone will look at me oddly for doing it, but I can't find anything that I am willing to spend my money on. Maybe it...
  19. C

    over/around ear headphones for $250 or less

    Hello everyone, I've been in a hunt for around two months to buy a new headphones and still can't make up my mind between open back and closed back headphones. I mostly listen heavy metal genres like slipknot, swallow the sun, as I lay dying, type o negative, nine inch nails and so many other...
  20. pro1137

    Should I get an IEM or a full-sized can?

    Hello Head-Fi'ers. It's come to my attention that I may not actually be looking in the correct section for my 'perfect' headphones. In other words, IEM vs Full-sized I've went through a few cans that I initially liked, but after a little bit of listening, I feel have lost their luster...
  21. dod9

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm - Right Speaker Buzzing/Distorting/Rattling?

    (Read bold for quick version)   Just bought some second hand DT 770 Pro's (80 Ohms) for £95 (I wanted them asap). They were apparently brand new unwanted extra pair for his friend, never even taken out of box and came with invoice from 2nd Jan 2015, they appeared factory packed.   Anyway I...
  22. ActiveTechREV

    I was able to get the Beyerdynamic Dt 770 pro 80ohm for 169.99 at guitar center in store.

    I was able to get the Beyerdynamic Dt 770 pro 80ohm for 169.99 at guitar center in store, I find the most current deals thread so I'm posting it here.  Just got them today.  So I used the difference and spent $28 for a 2 year exchange warranty with them.  Their website has it at $229.99, but...
  23. TechMechanik

    Time to step up to higher end IEMs - help!

    I posted this in the sticky, but it is getting buried. I am looking to get a better kit together for listening at work. I am going to try and detail things the best that I can. Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -Wolfson DAC (Rooted - Voodoo sound enabled) Pandora Rdio (might switch back to...
  24. Maker

    185$ Budget Full Sized Headphones Help

    Hello, so could you guys please help me in picking up my first good headphones? I will use them for 60% Gaming and 40% Music. I don´t need isolation i will use them only for home, so i don´t mind open. They have to be really comfortable so i can wear them whole day. I guess i would prefer...
  25. Lovla

    Attention! Attention, please! Nothing to see here! Please disperse! Attention!

    Hello, people of Head-Fi.   Don't fear me, I come in peace. I wish to tap into the roots of your knowledge of audio.    I am looking for a new pair of headphones. After seeing the Sennheiser HD598 I immediately fell in love (with the looks..), but I am reading mixed reviews on it (great...