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Best mid/vocal headphones I can find broken?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by arcticphones, Dec 14, 2012.
  1. ArcticPhones
    Ok, so normally I'd just search the form for one of the numerous threads
    for "Best mids or Best vocal headphones" and I'd get a bagillion posts,
    but there's a problem.
    The problem is that the headphones recommended are too good. By this
    I mean their probably over $200 and anyone buying them isn't going to be
    careless with them and break them.
    (Unless of course their beats and people subconsciously break them because of how horrible they sound)
    (Seriously hundreds of broken beats on ebay)

    I however want them to be broken because I need their drives for a project
    but of course I don't want to spend a lot of money buying new/used working
    headphones only to break them to get at their drivers.

    With that being said the headphones I'm thinking of need to still be very
    good and producing mids, but cheap enough and common enough (or maybe old enough)
    that a broken pair of them should appear on eBay at some point.

  2. Headzone
    Beyerdynamic DT100 from ebay, can be found for real cheap, analytical and clear mids. Otherwise sounds bit like cheap radio, there's no bass.
  3. ArcticPhones
    Well while the DT100s are no doubt good for mids they are still expensive
    and in general anyone buying Beyerdynamic isn't going to break them...
    though I did find a pair of DT 770 80s for $38 [​IMG]

    But anyway need something more common.
  4. AzraelDarkangel
    I've heard that some older AKG models are spectacular for vocals/mids but don't recall the model numbers, something like 240DF, K500/501 etc. Good condition ones are in demand but you might look for broken ones. Look for broken Shure SRH840 and SRH940. Maybe Sennheiser hd598? Beyer DT770/880? Etc.
  5. ArcticPhones

    Well I'll keep an eye out for those, though they are rather specific/expensive so I doubt I'll really be finding
    broken pair for a good deal.

    More important than price though they have to be common, so that there might be a better chance of finding them broken.
    An example would be like Klipsch Image ONEs, Sennheisser HD555s, Boss, maybe audio-technica ext; brands like
    Shure, AKG, and the higher end Sennheiser/Beyer headphones while good are going to be to hard to find broken.

    Also these headphones really only have to be at reproducing mid range sounds like Headzone's suggestion for the
    DT100s, all other tonal qualities for the headphones can be disregarded.
  6. vid
    The AKG K 241 have good mids and were about $30-40 used last time I checked. The K 240 DF have slightly less good mids and cost two or three times that, so I'd go for the 241 in this case. They were common enough to find just about once a week.
  7. Headzone
    I bought mine from a bidding site for 20$ ! The new ones are expensive, but they've been in production for over 20 years, so the vintage models can be had for cheap?
    I didn't research how those perform, though.
  8. Fuzziekiwi
    Koss ProDj100/TBSE.
    You can find at Tuesday Morning for $50 I believe.
  9. Armaegis
    If you're just harvesting the drivers, it shouldn't matter all too much which headphones as long as they're of a decent brand. 
  10. ArcticPhones
    Thank you for all the detailed links, but I'm not sure if I can order from (German?) eBay.
  11. ArcticPhones
    Do those have good mids? and also $50 is more than I want to spend on drivers unless they're from a really
    expensive broken brand.
    Not really while some of a headphone's quality is in it's physical design most of it is in it's driver quality.
  12. Headzone
    What about brand new Koss KSC75's? They are ~10$ in amazon right? Not sure if they're perfect for vocals though, just pointed out a cheap alternative. 
  13. ArcticPhones

    Ya they are cheap, but they're new, I can get something much better broken for the same price : /

    What I'm looking for is the mids equivalent of this
    I was looking for a good bass driver so I was looking looking looking,
    figured why not try beats studios they suck but the bass is pretty good.
    Got a broken pair but they were fake and I returned them.
    When I went to look again I had amazing luck and found a broken pair of
    DT 770 80 omh and sniped them for $38 (last auction for broken 770 80ohms went for $95)

    So I'm looking for that equivalent common enough that they're findable, but uncommon enough
    that they're actually good and they aren't going to sell for much.

    The DT 100s fit the bill I just can find them on English eBay so I'm trying to get as many suggestions
    as I can so that I have a better chance of finding one of those pairs broken.
  14. Armaegis
    Yes and No. The enclosure and damping materials has a very strong effect on the sound produced. You can't expect to just take "good" drivers and stick them into something else and expect it to turn out good sound without tuning of the enclosures, especially if you're working with multiple drivers across different ranges, and particularly if you're in a closed chamber.
    That said, keep your eyes out for some Grados. People tend to mod them up and wind up breaking them somewhat often. 
  15. ArcticPhones

    O ya of course, I'll keep an eye out for some Grados too.

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