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185$ Budget Full Sized Headphones Help

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by maker, Jan 25, 2013.
  1. Maker
    Hello, so could you guys please help me in picking up my first good headphones? I will use them for 60% Gaming and 40% Music. I don´t need isolation i will use them only for home, so i don´t mind open. They have to be really comfortable so i can wear them whole day. I guess i would prefer something easy to drive becouse i only have steelseries usb soundcard but if it´s worth it i might get amp/(dac?) in future(i will propably get one). I listen to almost everything but mostly Rock,PoP,Electronic music(mostly DnB). I was thinking about DT 990 Pro 250Ohm, but yeah they are 250ohm so i need amp(Do i ? some people say you need it, but some say you can live without it) or DT 440 but there isn´t much information about it. I can´t get audio technica and many more becouse i live in Europe in Czech republic (double priced or they just don´t sell them here). If you want to check what headphones are available in my country you can do it here http://www.heureka.cz/ everything up to 3700Kč is fine, or just write me some headphones and i will check it. If there is anything i haven´t mentioned let me know, I am glad for every advice :) edit: forgot to say that i have big ears [​IMG]
  2. Magicman74
  3. loki993
    I think you can get away without an amp on them but they will defiantly be better with one. The DT770 pro 80s are good for DnB but I'm also biased. 
  4. Maker
    Yes this one is available for 150$
  5. Yanksrox94
    The dt990 pro 250 ohm are good headphones. They are currently the ones i am using them and i love them. I find them to have a excellent soundstage and do have a good amount of bass for open headphones. Now they arent headphones to tickle your ears but you can certainly fell its presence. Now i was using these headphones out of my macs headphone port for about a month before I got an amp. IMO they got plenty loud for me out my headphone port alone. But once I got an amp i felt everything was tighter, soundstage slightly increased and they just sounded better. Im talking about 10-15% improvements, enough to increase the experience.
  6. Maker

    Okay i will be thinking about it, i have heared about DT 770, it was my first favourite but then i have read that some people actually don´t like that much bass and i don´t need really high bass, just some decent one :)
  7. Maker

    Well that´s pleasant news :) Thank you, as i said some people even said they are unlistenable without amp.
  8. kman1211

    The Beyer DT 990 Pro is extremely comfortable and an excellent choice for gaming, they are built like a tank too. They are one of the best if not the best headphone under $200. The Sennheiser HD 558 or HD 598 mentioned above are not in the same league, rather they are a league or two below in terms of sound quality, anyways the Senns may have build quality issues, they never fixed the cracking on the headband issue on them from the previous generations the HD 555 and HD 595. The DT 990s do good for the type of music you listen to. They are bassy, but not overly so, their midrange is excellent, but the brightness can be a concern, especially on badly mastered music but if you have an EQ on your computer, you can tone it down by turning the 8khz a bit. They don't need an amp, but they do benefit a lot from one.
  9. MalVeauX
    Since no one is paying attention to the prices of various headphones in your country:
    Looking through that website and headphones.cz, I saw a few that might be worth looking at for you:
    Sennheiser HD518
    Sennheiser HD558
    AudioTechnica TAD400
    Beyer DT990 PRO (will benefit from an amp or soundcard)

    DT770 32ohm (limited edition) on headphones.cz (this would be my top pick for your needs, even though it's closed back)
    A lot of the open headphones they have are not going to be very bassy, and it sounds like you want some decent bass, not just neutral bass. So I would actually go closed-back on the headphone if you can, as it will give you an overall better low end for your money there in Cz. The DT770 would be the one I would go for. The 32ohm LE version doesn't need an amp, so it would work out and it has a great sound stage and is very comfortable.
    Very best,
  10. Yanksrox94
    No problem, i dont understand how people say that. And i got the schiit magni to pair them with, but you said you are in Europe and i dont think the magni is compatible or something like that in Europe.
  11. Magicman74

    LOL, No kidding, If they read his price they'll see their naming off stuff that's not in his budget!!
  12. Maker
    DT 770 32ohm looks actually really nice, i can get it for 200$ which is nice becouse i don´t have to pay another 100$ for amp. Only problem might be that only 2shops sell it and they are far away from where i live, but hopefully i can manage that somehow :D
    EDIT: Ok i found that there is a free shipping and i guess if i wouldn´t like them i could send them back and get the money back. btw: do i get sweaty in these--> i found review on them and he say´s that even after 4hours ears are fine, though pads are made out of pleader. And also i forgot to mention that i have big ears, will that be a problem?
  13. Maker
  14. giraffe
    I would recommend the Sony MDR-MA900. They are open, have decent bass, and are very comfortable. Their sound is also very non-fatiguing, so they can definitely be worn all day. There appears to be one retailer selling them within your price range.
  15. lanlord
    I can vouch for the DT 770s

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