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over/around ear headphones for $250 or less

  1. ChristianM
    Hello everyone,
    I've been in a hunt for around two months to buy a new headphones and still can't make up my mind between open back and closed back headphones. I mostly listen heavy metal genres like slipknot, swallow the sun, as I lay dying, type o negative, nine inch nails and so many other like these.
    I'm using my old beats studios for last three years and need some cans which I can enjoy for next 3-4 years, I don't live in the US or UK that I buy and try headphones and send back if I don't like them. I only have money for one and only headphones and I don't wanna waste it.
    I'm totally noob in term so sound technology, I have no idea what audiophiles headphones are, what is a warm sound, highs, mids lows blah blah and I do not have a great setup just a PC with sound blaster Z.
    I am currently looking at Fidelio X1 or X2, HD598, V-Moda LP 2, Philips SHP9500.
    I just wanna enjoy my music for couple of hours everyday and not finding details in music.
    I'm trying to save money and buy good HPs in lowest price possible but I can spend no more than $250. I know X2 is $300 but maybe I can get it from Amazon in used condition.
    your suggestions will be highly appreciated to help me get my new pair.
    Note: I've already sell my Senn Momentums over ear and I don't like the look of M50 (s,x) sorry.
    thanks for reading my post.
  2. Youth
    If you want what I bolded out then I suggest you save your money and stay with your current setup.
    If you however want to experience music in a different way than you are used to, take a look at DT770 Pro 80 ohm and DT990 Pro 250 ohm :) Suits your music preferences.
  3. cel4145
    DT990 Pro 250 are $130 after rebate:


    These headphones typically sell for much more. Quite the bargain. Soundblaster Z would work fine with them.
  4. ahunatu
    Sounds like you're looking for a safe sound signature. Generally out of the ones you mention the Philips Fidelio line is a pretty safe bet. They're not trying to be doing anything too crazy with the sound signature so most people would find it enjoyable. 
    What didn't you like about the Momentum?
  5. ChristianM
    thanks for replies, unfortunately I can only buy from Amazon with the help of my friend.
    you are right "ahunatu" I wanna go to the safe route, as I mention that I can only buy one headphones which I can use for at least 3-4 years or maybe more. yeah Fidelio line looks promising at the moment but I'm not sure if I should spend $100 more on X2 or get X1. 
    the momentums were uncomfortable, small ear cups and I was having low volume issues with it and the sound was crap (due to damping factor)
    is there anything else beside Beyerdynamic?
  6. Youth
    For your music preference and budget i would say Beyerdynamic is the best you can get.
  7. ChristianM
    I never read many reviews about Beyer and don't have much info about it but lot of guys recommend Beyer. can anyone tell me what is the newest model from Beyer and which one is good, Pros or Premiums? thanks
  8. ChristianM
    although i don't like the look and build of M50x but reading numerous positive reviews, is M50X best for my music taste? then I'm gonna be waiting for the dark green version.
  9. money4me247 Contributor
    lol... says the price is $194.99 w/ rebate for me. cheaper on amazon at $177.69
  10. cel4145

    Looks like you missed the deal.
  11. wolfjeanne
    Unless you like a very bassy sound, do not go with the x1; The x2 is a better headphone all round. If you can not afford it, perhaps the l2 is worth considering. Both are open headphones, meaning that you get little sound isolation and therefore are best of listening in a quite environment, but also meaning that the soundstage is much wider.

    If possible, I think it is best if you just try out some headphones and find out what you like, especially if you are considering beyer's. They are great, but do not have a very typical consumer sound signature, appart from their custom ones.
    The DT 770 is well below budget and generally well-regarded if you do not mind missing the mids, though I just don't know the models with lower impedance (less ohms means lower impedance, meaning easier to drive, meaning no amp needed).
  12. ChristianM

    unfortunately i cannot try out headphones, there's no option here in my country, even these high & mid fi HPs does not even exists here, as i mention someone will help me get them from Amazon US and i'll have to pay around $45 to $55 for shipping and everything beside headphones $$$.
    no i don't want too much bass i mostly listen heavy metal stuff and watch movies. yes I can afford X2 but i am trying to save some money if possible and get similar HP like X2 (if available).
  13. money4me247 Contributor
    mmm... maybe, but i was shown the rebate as well, but the rebate was only for like $35, not $50.
  14. cel4145

    Yes. Their price was a lot lower last week.
  15. ChristianM
    I've never listened to open-back headphones and I wonder if open back cans really provide much enjoyable listening experience than closed back HPs for music and movies? 

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