1. TechMechanik

    Time to step up to higher end IEMs - help!

    I posted this in the sticky, but it is getting buried. I am looking to get a better kit together for listening at work. I am going to try and detail things the best that I can. Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -Wolfson DAC (Rooted - Voodoo sound enabled) Pandora Rdio (might switch back to...
  2. Progaine

    [WANTED] Beyerdynamic DT770 or Sennheiser HD598/HD650

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of either the Beyerdynamic DT770 or the Sennheiser HD598/HD650.  Thanks.
  3. Maker

    185$ Budget Full Sized Headphones Help

    Hello, so could you guys please help me in picking up my first good headphones? I will use them for 60% Gaming and 40% Music. I don´t need isolation i will use them only for home, so i don´t mind open. They have to be really comfortable so i can wear them whole day. I guess i would prefer...
  4. Lovla

    Attention! Attention, please! Nothing to see here! Please disperse! Attention!

    Hello, people of Head-Fi.   Don't fear me, I come in peace. I wish to tap into the roots of your knowledge of audio.    I am looking for a new pair of headphones. After seeing the Sennheiser HD598 I immediately fell in love (with the looks..), but I am reading mixed reviews on it (great...
  5. Rivalyn

    Down the Path of No Return (My First Headphone Search)

    [Writer's Note: First part is mainly flavor, feel free to skip to the 2nd post to actually read content]   See, I always knew there was more out there... something just around the bend that as you turn the corner you get that "Aha!" moment. In that second you realize that you'll never be...
  6. iso

    Headphone w/ more bass imapct than AKG q460?

    Hi, could someone recommend me a headphone w/ more bass impact than the AKG Quincy Jones Q460. I really like the bass impact on the q460 and I also like that the treble is really soft/ the complete opposite of harsh. What I dislike about the Q460 is the mids, they sound boxy/congested.    So...
  7. Captain Derp

    Need some help choosing headphones >$200

    Not sure how to start this so I'll just keep it short and sweet, I'm looking for the best headphones I can get for my preferences under  200 usd. I'm a bit tied between the HD 598 (like new condition for about $180 on amazon) the ath-m50s, and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 ohm version. I like...
  8. thelamppost

    Thinking about upgrading headphones (~$400 or less)

    I've had the ATH-M50s for about two years now and they're great!  The problem, however, is that I've shown them to my dad and now I can't ever use them.  So I'm using this opportunity to move up to the next step.  I'm considering a few options:   Darth Beyer V4 (Terminators) Denon...
  9. Mackem

    Need some headphones, £59-£129 GBP!

    Previously had M-Audio Q40s with Beyer velour pads but the clamp was too much even after stretching the headband. Didn't like the DT770 Pro 80s. Ideally I'd like something as close as possible to the following:   Closed circumaural headphones  Comfortable for long periods of time for...
  10. nygamer814

    best headphones

    hi im new to head-fi   im looking for headphones that sound great bass,mids, and higs i listen to sony xb500 i love the bass but high and mids feel overlapped i want headphones that have the bass of the xb500 but with better mids and highs that go real good togeather. i listen to...
  11. jpongin

    Questions About How To Choose Good Headphones

    Hi, I'm in the market for good headphones + DAC / amp with about a $700-$800 total budget.   My source will mainly be from a Macbook Pro (late 2011) w/ lossy streaming @ 320 Kbps (Spotify).  I still want it to sound good with FLAC files.  I listen mostly to rock, jazz, classical, hip hop...
  12. ScaryFatKidGT

    Looking for a great $300-$500 open headphone

    So I own D5000's which are my favorite, SE215's and 535's, V-Moda M80's, Beyer DT 770 80ohm, Momentums, but the only open pair I have are my Porta Pros lol.   Every time I look at open headphones I get confused as they don't have great reviews but then anytime you read close headphone reviews...
  13. DRuM

    DT770 80 or 250 ohm?

    I'm pretty much about to pull the trigger on a pair of DT770 mostly to use with my laptop. I just really fancy a pair as an alternative to my Sennheiser HD 580.   Will the 80ohm be enough, or get the 250 ohm and buy a Fiio portable headphone amp for it?
  14. steve6

    Spider PowerForce Headphone Appreciation

    Reviewed by Steve6   April 27, 2012   Pros: Bold and clear; excellent marriage of deep bass and detail   Cons: None, particularly at this price point *****   Trying out a fresh piece of audio gear might not be quite as thrilling as getting into a new car for the first time, but...
  15. track28

    wich headphoens are better for music with a lot of bass

    i want to buy a new heaphoens and i allready found some good ones  i hear music with a lot of bass, like dubstep and pop and thinks like that    those are the headphoens    beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 32 OHM   AKG K267 tiesto sireis    or V-MODA M100   thank for the help  
  16. Rikifi

    Sony mdr-1r vs Beyerdynamic dt250 80 ohm for keyboard? And for music.

    I need some cans for my Yamaha motif es synth keyboard. I bought some sony mdr-7506 and found them really harsh so are going back. What will sound better (more appropriate) for listening to blurays through tv, and also using for music and my keyboard. I understand beyerdynamic dt250 80 are...
  17. xledruidx

    Help buying new headphones 200-dollar

    Hello I have been searching this forum for a long time... and still cant seem to choose what headphone to buy as there are so many..   My experience is beats by dre(all versions from store) And my current headphone siberia v2 gaming. I woud like some high end headphones that have good...
  18. Fabama

    High Frequency Noise at Certain Volume Levels

    I have owned my pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80's for about a year now, however I have been using them un-amped up until yesterday. I recently received my first amp and DAC combo (I bought a Schiit Magni and a Topping D20), and I have noticed a bit of a strange issue. At particular volume...
  19. DRuM

    Beyer DT 770 Pro

    Hi guys. I'm interested in buying a new pair of these. Had a quick listen to a pair in a shop and was impressed but don't recall what impedance it was. I suspect it was an 80 ohm because I also tried some Senn 650's through the same setup in the shop but it didn't sound very good.   Anyway...
  20. Xanatos

    Recommendations for closed headphones, around the ear, leather or velour earpads

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations or options for closed headphones with the most, if not all, of the following criteria:   - Closed - Around the ear - Strongly prefer velour or real leather or fabric earpads (and headband). No pleather; it flakes. - Good for low to moderate volume...
  21. MetalElvis

    "You should try them and decide yourself"

    Is anyone else sick and tired when you come here and ask people´s opinions about headphones and they just respond to you "you should try them and decide yourself"? I want to hear OPINIONS and how certain headphones sound and compare to other headphones. I know it´s somewhat subjective, but I...
  22. PatriotsFan

    What headphones should I get?

    Hey Im looking for a pair of headphones to listen to my r&b music.  I previously had the beats by dre pro and they sounded very good to me, but seeing as everybody talks so bad about them I looking to try another pair.  I want some headphones that have great bass and great sound.  They also...
  23. mathlover

    Looking for closed headphone for rock and trance.

    I am in the market for closed headphone that would be the best for rock, classical, trance/electronica and the occasional rap/hip hop (in that order of importance) . Not too much bass since it gives me a headache. I am currently learning towards the DT770 pro 80 ohms. I am looking to spend less...
  24. OrcaFish

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ON SALE AT GUITAR CENTER $129.99

    Just wanted to let people know of this amazing deal.  I just picked some up myself and they are fantastic.  Cannot beat the price. here is a link. Happy Holidays
  25. r0teiro

    Just got the dt770-80's, they're alright, but I'm after a different sound

    I received the dt770-80's today and I'm not really satisfied with them. From what I've read, I don't think I'll ever be even after amped/burn-in. So I'm looking for something new with input from you guys.   I listen to stuff across the board but right now it's predominantly electronic, soul...