Sony X headphones
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Oct 12, 2010
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Based on a few reviews I've seen around the web, the Sony X10s are better than the entire Beats lineup except for the Pro and Executive. If you do a search on youtube you can find a few comparisons.  The X10s have the Best Bass of all the Beats, comes in 4th behind the Pro, Mixr, and Executives in clarity, and are more comfortable than any of the Beats.  When compared by sound to price ratio, the few I've seen compare rate the Beats Mixr - 1, Beats Executive - 2, Sony X-10 - 3, and Beats Pro - 4.
So to answer your question, they appear to be a good alternative to the Beats lineup, especially if Bass and Comfort are your friends' thing.  Maybe someone who has actual experience with them can comment.
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Maybe I'm searching wrong (still kind of a noob) but I couldn't find anything on these. Kinda pricey but wondered if it might be a good alternative to Beats for some of my friends who want street style with good sound and ask for my advice.

If you want a bassy headphone that is cheaper and good for street use:
M-Audio Q40
Ultrasone HFI 580
Phillips Uptowns & Downtowns
Beyer DT770
Sony XB500
Add a simple Fiio E6 for $20 and set bass to 2.
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