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    SONY MDR-XB910
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  3. Table

    Best IEM for <$200

    I currently use Klipsch Image s4's and I am planning on upgrading soon. I mainly listen to indie/alternative rock. Thank you for helping.
  4. hatebreed

    Alternatives to the Shure se215 for stage monitoring?

    I am a touring drum technician and need some IEMs for live stage performances. I am not playing so i don't need the whole mix only the drums and for people to speak to me through them.   The Shures are in budget and look to do the job but was was wondering if there are any alternatives i...
  5. Profoundsoup

    Best closed back headphones for $600 or less without "Sharp" Treble

    Title says it all :)
  6. noktekniq

    Recommendations other than x10?

    Anything else comparable to the x10?  I'm hearing that these are the smallest earbuds for people with small ears. But, seems like most people say the quality of cable sucks.  My ultimate goal is to find something like the x10 (in terms of nozzle size and fitment for small ears) with cables...
  7. draacor

    Ear Buds for Movies

    I am looking for a pair of ear buds primarily to be used with an ipad, for movies from netflix and other streaming services.  The following are things I am looking for.   1. Primarily used to watch movies so i need a sound signature that handles movies well 2. I need something that I can...
  8. dalef1


    I am getting ready to purchase ANOTHER set of headphones. Need help with those of you who know more about these choices than me!! By the way i listen to almost completely dubstep. Looking for ALOT of bass and a headphone that can handle power from an amp. Also has semi good mids and highs. I...
  9. shaolin95

    Are XONE 52 headphones considered to be neutral or balanced?

    Hi! I tested some from a coworker as I have been trying to compare the mdr-x10 to a more balances headphone but not sure if that is considered balanced. The fit is one I cannot deal with btw as I had to push the cups to my ear to get any bass...just like with my old Sens HD212pro Thanks!  
  10. shaolin95

    I got Sony mdr-x10, how does it compare to xb500 and jvc rx700 or similar bassy headphone? With FiiO e6 and e11

    hi! So I have been looking for a closed headphone to use at work instead of my TDK IE800 or my not so good Sens HD212Pro (lose fit makes bass wimpy). I went to Best Buy and the only thing I could see that got my interested was this MDR-X10 since originally it was priced at $300 and is down to...
  11. jmkma

    Noontec Hammo or Sony X10 - EDIT wrong forum ignore.

    My Harmon Kardon's are just not doing it for me, My first set was great until the headphone jack had issues and the replacement set from HK is not the same. Just sloppy. Out of warranty so lookin for low cost replacement. Pretty sure I will go with the Hammo or X10. Any thoughts on one over the...
  12. ACR69

    V-Moda M-100 vs. Sony X-10

    Which headphones are better for EDM and Hip-Hop. Theze two heafphones are the headphones that probably have the best bass around the $300 price range. Other headphones that compete with these two are welcome
  13. NewWaveAudio

    Do I need an amp?

    I currently have the Sony MDR x10 headphones. I mainly use them with my modded Galaxy S3 with Acid and Pure audio 2 sound mods. Love the sound coming out of them, but songs with lower bitrates can't power them. Have the same problem with some YouTube videos.
  14. XJasperStudentX

    Does the Sony MDR-X10 need a amp??

    I'm thinking of getting the Sony X headphones MDR-X10 and was wondering if I also need to get a headphone amp. I will be connecting it to the iPhone 5. Thanks
  15. erwildcat

    Looking for an inexpensive dac/amp for Sony MDR-X10

    Hi, I am a new member and any help would be appreciated. I have a Sony Walkman NWZ-F805 with Sony MDR-X10 headphones (which I might upgrade) that I use in an office environment. The midrange is very poor which is a characteristic of these headphones. I have looked at the Fiio products and like...
  16. lwien

    X10's or RE-400's.....argggg...

    So I was set on getting the se215's until I started reading up on the X10's.    Just about to pull the trigger on the X-10's and then started reading reviews on the RE-400's.    I guess I could play this game forever and not buy anything.    It just seems that if I wait a bit, something else...
  17. Gallade475

    Headphones for a friend who plays acoustic guitar

    My friend who plays acoustic guitar wants a pair of sond MDR-X10's with the reason that beats vocals sound underwater-like (Finally someone gets it). I warned him saying that MDR-X10s are bassy too, and are also underwater-like. He doesn't like swampy bass, but he also can stand anemic bass...
  18. shockdoc

    Sony X headphones

    Maybe I'm searching wrong (still kind of a noob) but I couldn't find anything on these. Kinda pricey but wondered if it might be a good alternative to Beats for some of my friends who want street style with good sound and ask for my advice.  ...
  19. shadrack3000

    Finally!! What we have all been waiting for!!

    If you haven't seen them, you are about to see the greatest cans since Beats!!  X FACTOR HEADPHONES!! For the wanna be Beiber in all of us!
  20. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Sony - MDR-X10 & MDR-X05

    Simon Cowell has a headphones line backed by guess who? ...... Sony! MDR-X-10 as in X-Factor.  
  21. jds491r

    Simon Cowell says he making the best

    Simon Cowell said he's making the best headphones.....what? The X Headphones   Taking down Dre. Beats doesn't mean anything. Thoughts?
  22. Meshaboo

    Sony MDR V700 (I know, I know) vs MDR X10

    Hey guys...   I own the X10's and I've been wanting the v700's for a while, only because my father claimed they were the best cans he's ever had (as a DJ). I'm not a DJ, just a music lover. I listen to music thru my HP laptop and cell phone. I was just curious as to what people think is worse...
  23. BigTime55

    Looking to step up my game

    Budget - ~$300 Source - Macbook, iPod (mainly), iPad Isolation - I do travel quite a bit and spend time in places like my college library Preferred Type of Headphone - Big dude, looking for something comfortable in an over ear type of headphone. Preferred Tonality - I like my bass...
  24. tonifyd

    Headphones or an in ears with an AMP?

    Hello.   I listen to my music mostly from my laptop (Lenovo X1 with Dolby Digital Processing), and my smartphone (Galaxy S4 Wolfson DAP version).   Most of the music is either 320k or FLAC.   From my setup, you could say that I'm into bass. I'm not an analytical listener and I prefer...
  25. a kodak moment

    Need Suggestions

    My Pioneer SE-MJ5s are starting to wear down after 4 years. Looking for a new pair of headphones with a balance for music, portable gaming, and movies on my tablet. I listen to mostly electronic, k-pop, hip-hop, and orchestral. My budget is $200. I want them to also have decent bass without it...