Recommendations other than x10?
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Jan 8, 2006
Anything else comparable to the x10? 
I'm hearing that these are the smallest earbuds for people with small ears. But, seems like most people say the quality of cable sucks. 
My ultimate goal is to find something like the x10 (in terms of nozzle size and fitment for small ears) with cables that actually last me. 
Would like to hear from you experts. 
~My previous set of earphones was Hifiman RE262 which dies due to crappy cables as well. But I can barely wear these for 1-2 hrs without taking them off to rest the ears. 
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Etymotic er4p, if you put the klipsch oval tips on or even the small westone or shure grey tips, they are about as comfy plus they have a removable cable. The housing is longer and the strain releif less flexible so they can be a bit incomfotable sleeping with but if you have small ears, they are great, final audio also has some iem`s with small bodies, other options are q jays and sony xba1.
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Along with what ryanjsoo has suggested, the Vsonic GR01 and VC1000 also has similar form factor to the X10 and a higher build quality (from what I have read, I do not own either). However, the sound signature would be quite a deviation from the X10. The X10 is warm and bassy while both the VC1000 and GR01 are slightly on the brighter side of neutral. 

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