Sony MDR V700 (I know, I know) vs MDR X10
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Mar 14, 2011
Hey guys...
I own the X10's and I've been wanting the v700's for a while, only because my father claimed they were the best cans he's ever had (as a DJ). I'm not a DJ, just a music lover. I listen to music thru my HP laptop and cell phone. I was just curious as to what people think is worse, having and casually listening to the X10's or the 700s? I honestly think I want the v700s "just to get them" (this is a teenagerish thing to say, but I love how they look). I "enjoy" my X10s because they're perfect for most of the bass heavy music I listen to on occasion. I also owned the V6's, and I'm expecting a new pair in a few days.
This is gonna be really funny, I can see it now hahaha! 

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