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X10's or RE-400's.....argggg...

  1. lwien
    So I was set on getting the se215's until I started reading up on the X10's.    Just about to pull the trigger on the X-10's and then started reading reviews on the RE-400's. 
    I guess I could play this game forever and not buy anything.    It just seems that if I wait a bit, something else at the 100 dollar price point pops up as the market killer at that price point.
    So here we are, X10's versus RE-400's.   Guess the 215's don't compete here. 
    Oh......musical genre's.   Just about everything, from Miles to Evanescence to Neal Young to Peter Gabriel to Robin Thicke to Pepe Romero and everything in between.
  2. lin0003
    Take a look at the Rockit R50 as well. They are considered some of the best price/performance IEMs. 
  3. quartertone
    The question is, do you prefer a warm and smooth signature or a more neutral and clear one?

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