1. Law87

    anything as portable as E6?

    I dont like my phone sound signature output, looking for something smaller or the same footprint as the E6 with good quality no EMI or hissing for IEM. can anyone recommend anything?
  2. steelgtr

    fiio e6 replacement battery ?

    Didn't use it for a while and it won't charge at all. Any ideas on where to get a replacement?   thx   bob
  3. Tehol

    For those who have experienced both the GR07 BE and e-Q5, what are the main differences?

    Looking for just a bit more on some feedback received in the guide thread.  I’m not asking ‘which is better,’ just trying to determine which will better suit me.  So if you happened to have experience with both, how would you say these two sets differ in the following ways?   Bass...
  4. mugabuga

    Question about the Soundmagic E10s

    I just got my first pair of decent headphones, the Soundmagic E10s after I they were recommended here. I bought them because of their reputation for good bass while still retaining a clear sound. However, it seems like there's no bass at all unless I use the bass boost effect on my Nexus 4 or...
  5. Penguin1026

    Advice for predicament

    Hey guys!   I am in the middle of a predicament. My birthday is this week and my parents have gotten me a fiio e6 amplifier. I have put a headphone on my list, but my parents have said no, because they're "too expensive". I need a suggestion for a cheaper headphone than last time ( see other...
  6. bcd127

    do my headphones need to be amped? [UPDATED]

    I have recently purchased a pair of shur srh840’s. I love them to death. They sound great! The only thing is that there is a bit more sound coming out of the left channel. Its hardly noticeable, but its still there.  I usually us them on my laptop. The only thing that makes it better is turning...
  7. TechGamer

    Bose QC20i with a portable Headphone Amplifier....

    Hi guys! I burned in my QC20s for about 50hrs now... I tried to use a portable headphone amp (Fiio E6) and it started to behave in a strabge manner.... The music would suddenly come out louder in one of the earbuds and then in the other.... Is it because the Earphones have niot yet opened...
  8. Noahjaws

    Best Headphones for Under $150?

    Looking for some good headphones for under $150.     Looking at the Shure 840, ATH-M50le with a detachable cable, and BRAINWAVZ HM5   I Currently own Sony-XB700 (Bass kind of Drowns out mids)   I listen to Alternative and Indie mostly   If i were to get any of the headphones...
  9. ekko

    Want to buy new mid-range headphones, need help!

    So I want to buy new sub-130$ headphones... There are ton of choices in that category so I will write down few that look cool, but I want someone to give me advice which one would be best. :)  Koss ProDJ200 AudioTechnica ATH-M50 Ultrasone Pro 550 V-Moda Crossfade LP I would take FiiO E6...
  10. sammyboy2701

    Noob budget-fier with a couple of daft questions!

    Hello all, I've just joined after lurking for a week or two. Found the forum after searching for headphone reviews when looking for a decent-quality set of portable over-ear cans. After reading quite a few reviews and a visit to my local Richer Sounds hifi store I got myself a lovely pair of...
  11. sasd2020

    P3 vs Momentum vs Amperior

    what is the best choise above these 3 headphones(ipod touch without amp for mp3,usually hip hop,pop,rock) Hope to choose a good on-the-go earphone plz
  12. SmOgER

    Should I get XB500's?

    My current setup:    Desire HD (EQed crap out of it - esp bass and mids, volume set permamently just below DAC clipping / peak limit caused by EQ, somewhere at the half) + FiiO E6 (with red/blue EQ depending on the mood) to finish the job and get high volume with no distortions + JVC S600's ...
  13. Tramtox

    New to high end IEM's, and a little disappointed

    New guy post...Finally :)   Been a long time lurker on here, but finally decided to make an account and rant/inquire about higher end IEM's.   So, I always used a Bose QC15 when out and about because of the noise cancellation and decent sound quality, although as most of you know it's not...
  14. Noamit

    What should I buy? classical music ~100$

    Hi guys, I despertly need an help.  I'm looking for a budget headphones, 100 $ max (including amp if needed). I hear mostly classical music, mainly orchestral but some piano and vocal as well. In addition, it should have a fine isolation, since I listen to my music almost only in loudy...
  15. tuck4x4

    Full-sized Headphones that have Etymotic sound? alessandro ms1i?

    I've had ATH m50s and loved them, but did not enjoy wearing them.    I've had the Vmoda M80s and they were great, but to my ears there was a bit of distortion in certain blues-ey types of music in the mid bass range.   I tried a pair of Sony 7506s and, to my ears, they sounded better...
  16. semaj8james

    Suggestions for a ~$500+ budget?

    Hello beautiful people of Head-Fi! I lurk often whenever I decide I need a review of headphones or I browse the general discussion and decided to make an account to pose this question.   I have a budget of $500, what would be a good setup? I have already spent roughly $200 on gear. I...
  17. DRuM

    FiiO E06 worth getting?

    I'm considering one of these as they're dirt cheap on amazon. When I play music on my Samsung phone or run the metronome app on it using my IEMs, it's just not loud enough, particularly when I'm drumming. Will the E06 boost it considerably? I don't want ear splitting but it certainly needs to go...
  18. jonnyp11

    Best headphone ~200 (pref. less)

    Should be getting some extra money soon and looking to replace my hd428s with something with a fabric or whatever cushion and more bass preferrably. Looking on Amazon i've found a few sennheisers i'm interested in and depending on what i get, I am also looking at some portable amps. Here's my...
  19. jonnyp11

    Where do you get your music?

    Do you use downloaded music or streaming services? Do you buy it...or.....not (sorry if discussing is not aloud but a straight answer without explanation should be fine)? Currently i just use streaming at home, I have a few songs i did rip off grooveshark with a little program which didnt work...
  20. loveableterror

    New Auvio Full-size review - "Auvio Elite Series"

    So, Once again I return with another brand new review of Auvio headphones. These are the Auvio Elite Series over-ear full size headphones. Normal precursor here: I work for Radioshack, they don't pay me a dime to do this, I just get awesome discounts on the products and like reviewing them for...
  21. kingcrimson69

    Headphone for sister under $100

    Hey everyone! My sister wants a headphone under $100 with these specs (not tech specs):   • Closed-back • Short cable (4 ft or similar) • Mildly portable, not too big, but full-size arround the ear • Low impedance, she uses an iPod Touch • Neutral sounding, or a little warm sounding...
  22. Bahri

    Help with decision-making..

    Hi all,   I'm a newbie from the other side of the world - a European hailing from Malta, right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.   First of all, a very well done to everyone here.. I've been reading your contributions for hours, and it's amazing how you're ready to share your...
  23. southerntide


    Didn't see a forum for new people, but feel free to move if I wasn't looking hard enough! Long flight coming up soon so I've been lurking. The Beats Wireless I inherited are terrible and currently residing on eBay. Thankfully they're popular, because it looks like I'm pulling a profit on the...
  24. dozens

    $200 +/- headphones recommendations

    I'm a pretty average listener, using primarily my iPhone and laptop for my source most of the time, and sans amp. I've long been using my Grado 80s for home and my Sony MDR-7506 for walk-around cans when I'm not in the mood for IEMs. I'm waiting to jump up to a $200 pair and am looking at the...
  25. adammax

    Increasing bass for W4R

    Hi guys,   Just got a pair of W4R. However, coming from ATH M50, I find the bass lacking in W4R. Is there any ways I can increase the bass? I'm using star tip. The foam tip seems to increase the bass, but for comfort, I'll prefer the star tip, Any advice?