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Want to buy new mid-range headphones, need help!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ekko, Feb 23, 2013.
  1. ekko
    So I want to buy new sub-130$ headphones... There are ton of choices in that category so I will write down few that look cool, but I want someone to give me advice which one would be best. :) 
    1. Koss ProDJ200
    2. AudioTechnica ATH-M50
    3. Ultrasone Pro 550
    4. V-Moda Crossfade LP
    I would take FiiO E6 if there is any need for portable amplification... Read a lot of reviews, and looks like V-Moda falls off first... Then it comes to Koss, M50 and Ultrasone... M-50 doesn't have detachable cable, that's one of cons... Right now, Koss look like the best option for me, not sure about the sound and that's the main thing after all... Any advice would be really great. Thank you!
  2. BillsonChang007
    May I know what type of sound signature are you looking for? It looks like a V-Shape to me according to your headphone choice. If that's the case, to my knowledge with ATH-M50 and the V-Modas, I would much prefer the V-Modas. The bass are very detailed and the highs are very sharp(not bright). Mids are heavily recessed. Neither of these requires an amp to drive. Wider soundstage than ATH-M50.
    I hope this help!
  3. ekko
    Well I will mainly use them for listening music on my PC, HTC 8S, and Onkyo system. I would ocasionaly use them for DJing when I go to the friends place and play some music or some party and stuff like that. And se minor home production in Logic and Ableton. I want comfy headphones that have reasonable bass, I want that good "umpht" but still i dont want bass to cover all mids and highs. I listen everything (Reggae, rock, jazz, house, trance, some dnb and stuff like that, some pop, soul and stuff like that). So I would appreciate some overaly balanced sounding headphones but they can have slightly tighter and stronger bass... I will give you example of music that i listen, moloko, the xx, radiohead, fleetwood mac, example, axwell, lana del rey, george benson, sinatra, robbie williams, george michael, the cardigans... I think it is enough... :)
  4. ekko
    I think I'll go with Ultrasone Pro 550... :)
  5. BillsonChang007
    Smart choice! 
  6. Tahoerun
    Agreed, great choice.  I absolutely love my 750 Pro Ultrasone.  I would probably have gotten the 550 if it weren't for a brief $161 price I lucked out with on Amazon. 

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