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What should I buy? classical music ~100$

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by noamit, Feb 24, 2013.
  1. Noamit
    Hi guys,
    I despertly need an help. 
    I'm looking for a budget headphones, 100 $ max (including amp if needed). I hear mostly classical music, mainly orchestral but some piano and vocal as well.
    In addition, it should have a fine isolation, since I listen to my music almost only in loudy buses.
    *portability is a bonus. I prefer a smaller, elegant headphones, and not a "big monster" ones.
    I had two options in mind, and will be glad to hear your opinions:
    1. koss prodj100 + fioo E6 (not sure if the trebele on this is good enough for classic)
    2. Sennheiser px 200 II (great in portability, not so sure about the isolation)
    Thank you!
  2. MrViolin
    MDR-V6 is another viable option. Can't believe this guy doesn't get much attention as a consideration these days!
  3. Noamit
    Great, Thnx!
    You would recommend getting an amp for these?
  4. BillsonChang007
    For $100 and classical, I would love to have a pair of UE4000. Extremely detailed and soundstage are decent. Not much hisses there. Isolation, SQ, portability, easily drive and no amp needed. If not, the MDR-7506 if you dislike too much bass(maybe 3dB boost?) 
    PX-100 have no isolation at all to me. 
    Mine sharing whos music are you listening to? XD 
    hope this help.
  5. extrabigmehdi
    I'd think that 100$ is a bit limited for something for classical.
    From what I've understood the cheapest options are often limited on the treble area, and that's what classical require the most.
  6. streetdragon
    how about a Shure SRH440?
    not sure if these headphones are the best though since they are quite sparkly in the treble but lacks body in the sound overall
  7. Noamit
    Thanks for your help and advices.
    i know my budget is too low, but for now that's it :frowning2:.
    The prodj100 will be really problematic for classical?
    I guess my standarts are pretty low right now, so everything will be better than the simple in ear sennheisers i use.
  8. goldtuba
    they are not the absolute best, but i used the shure 215s for classical for a while before i upgraded to a westone 4.  i also use a hifiman re262, but that is over $100 and requires an amp to sound it's best.  the REzero should sound similar, but i have not listened so i cannot compare. you should check out ljokerl's iem comparison
  9. dlalfjf1234
    Shure 440 or superlux 668b
  10. goldtuba
    sorry, didn't read your post closely enough. for larger i would agree with the mdr-v6. i know that somebody will slam this suggestion, but i also have a pair of akg 512 mkII.  they are ok for classical, providing just enough detail for larger orchestral works
  11. MrViolin
    no, they don't need one to sound great
  12. Noamit
    I think i'll go for the MDR-V6.
    Do you think i should worry about the comfort? and the way it will fit?
    I mean, I'm a girl and my head is not so big, i hope those cans won't be too loose on me. I used to have a sennheiser hd 229 which weren't tight enough.
  13. Noamit
    Thank you guys so much!
    I got my mdr v6 and they are amazing [​IMG]
  14. thoughtcriminal
    You want to make them even better? Fold a tissue down to about finger shape and size, and tuck it under the back side of the pads

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