1. adammax

    Increasing bass for W4R

    Hi guys,   Just got a pair of W4R. However, coming from ATH M50, I find the bass lacking in W4R. Is there any ways I can increase the bass? I'm using star tip. The foam tip seems to increase the bass, but for comfort, I'll prefer the star tip, Any advice?
  2. sweets11388

    Can you guys help me find headphones for my almost deaf Grandmother?

    This may sound a bit sad, but she is in her 90s and does not want to live anymore.  She is a music lover and hasn't heard music for over a decade.  We are going to surprise her in a week or two with music!   I'm looking for something very very light, probably supra-aural cans with a fiio...
  3. DerpMaster

    My current situation

    So I listen to music almost exclusively on the bus. Currently I use a Fiio e6 and HD 558, which is obviously less than ideal. I can play audio out through the USB port on my phone which is what I've been doing recently, but the DAC I have honestly sounds worse than the headphone jack. So I'm...
  4. HyperTooth

    Could someone please help a new audiophile learn a little about Impedance, Ohms, and Hertz?

       Can someone please explain to me how Ohms and Hertz affect the quality of a headphone? I've recently got into the hi-fi world, I am a completely confused as how this all works. I recently bought a pair of Harmon/Kardon CL's and a Creative Sound Blaster ZX sound card. With it comes a built in...
  5. anthony19

    What headphones to buy?

    Hi I'm till new to this forum and I was wondering which headphones you guys think I should get. I recently sold my ath m50s and I am looking for a bassier headphone. I used a fiio e06 to power them and even with that it never has enough bass to satisfy my needs. I didn't sell the e06 and so my...
  6. efros1o

    Fiio E6 Capability

    Hi All,    I have a Fiio E6 which seems to work very well with my Sennheiser 518 and ATH-M50s (which have relatively low impedance). I was wondering if anyone has tried to use this device to amp headphones with more impedance, say something with 250-ohms, or at that level would I need a more...
  7. DerpMaster

    Finally getting real stuff

    So what I've been doing for about a year since i got my 558s is just using a Fiio e6 from my phone. Now, I am looking to give my computer a soundcard or a DAC or something. I'm really not sure on what to buy, but I really don't want to spend more than $100-$150 on the whole thing
  8. Final92

    To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Hello, I'm currently using the Fiio E06 with v-moda m100s, it does make the music more enjoyable from my iPads output. But I'm wondering if switching to the E12 will make a huge jump? How much more can be squeezed out from my v-modas? (And any other alternative products similar to the Fiio...
  9. Klipschfan

    FiiO E6 vs E18 - Price / Performance Wise and Actual Use

    Hello, I love music. I play the Clarinet (not like a 7th grader) and cannot stand low quality music. I recently ventured into buying two new headphones (off Craigslist), the Sennheiser HD 558 ($100) and Klipsch x11i ($150). On a unrelated note, do you think I got a good deal on them??? =)...
  10. Tom22

    is there an amp that helps with treble extension and subbass extension?

    i was wondering if there is a portable amp that i could latch onto my ipod touch using the lod line out. i'm wondering if theres an "inexpensive amp" (inexpensive is debatable i'll have to see, ideally under 100$ even 150$ would be pushing it a lot) that helps with the treble extension and...
  11. efros1o

    Fiio E6 vs E11 sq

    Hi All,     I wondered if there would be a noticeable difference in sound quality, coming from a laptop with decent sound card or iPhone, between the Fiio E6 vs E11.  I have the E6 and it seems to work very well with my ATH-M50s and Senn 518s but if it will make a noticeable difference I may...
  12. typhoon838

    Fake E6?

    Got it from a package deal on Amazon. It rattles a little when I shake it. Fake?
  13. myemaildw

    bass dac?

    where can i get a bass dac, or bass amp or whatever it's called. there is one on ebay for 40 euro, this is a type of thing i am talking about...
  14. AllahLover69

    Looking for Cheap portable amp

    I'm looking for a portable amp to increase the sound quality of my ATH-M50xs along with my HTC One M8. I'd prefer the price be below $50, preferably lower, unless the increase in sound quality is that much better. I plan on bringing this on the road and to school, so I'd like it to fit in my...
  15. tordfuglstad

    Experience with ATH-M50(X) and FiiO E6

    Is there anyone out there who has any experience with pairing ATH-M50's with the FiiO E6? I already have a FiiO E6 amp and are going to buy a ATH-M50X headset soon. Will the amp give the M50's any more bass? Is it a good pair? Will probably invest in a better amp at a later point, but need to...
  16. Xarmydis

    Age old question: Looking for IEMS <$100, dunno where to start :(

    I am coming from Westone W2's which I absolutely adored, but I no longer possess them, and the W20's are $100 more than the W2's were in price >.<, hell, the W10's are practically $200. I loved the sound with all my heart on those W2's, I know I probably won't get anything quite as good as my...
  17. ceemsc

    FiiO E6 as a Headphone Preamp

    Dear All, As an experiment to reduce the FiiO E12 hiss on louder volumes, I've inserted my old(Jan 2014) FiiO E6 between the Zip Clip DAP & E12 : What do you think? Would that work or just add another step of noise/distortion or is this plain old overkill? Thanks, Mark
  18. yacobx

    Is there a type of AUX cable that doesn't transfer Ohm output?

    Im trying to cut out the background hiss of dual amping when I'm on the go using my iPhone 5. My set up is a Fiio E6 connected with the included aux cable to MDR XB90EX. The hiss is minimal but its annoying to me. As far as I know the L9 with the lighting converter does not transfer audio. Is...
  19. kishorfarm

    Beware at DX: Fiio E06 Fujiyama of dubious authenticity

    I recently bought a Fiio E06 Fujiyama portable headphone amplifier at Dealxtreme: FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier - Free Shipping - DealExtreme This was my first and last purchase at DX. The received product was lacking the Fiio official authenticity label. This label, when...
  20. Morso

    DT-770 amp

    So what kind of amp would be enough? Dt-770's are 250 ohm and 100 mW and all the amps are usually displayed X mW to 32 ohm. thanks
  21. Chaz1952

    FiiO E6 "Fujiyama" vs. E12 "Mont Blanc"

    Hello Fellow Members!   After enjoying the FiiO E6, I decided to upgrade to their "flagship" model, the E12.  I just received the amp two days ago.   One thing struck me as curious almost right away:   All else being equal, the little E6 is louder than the 12.   I don't understand how...
  22. Chaz1952

    FiiO E6 "Fujiyama" vs. E12 "Mont Blanc"

    Hello Fellow Members!   It was suggested that I post my question here   After enjoying the FiiO E6, I decided to upgrade to their "flagship" model, the E12. I just received the amp two days ago.    One thing struck me as curious almost right away: All else being equal, the little E6 is...
  23. TravisNJ

    Looking for a new set of Headphones!

    Hey guys! I made this thread about 7 years ago and you guys really helped me find a decent pair of 'phones (Equation Audio RP-21s) for the price.  I broke them a year ago and have not gotten around to buying a new pair and cannot seem to find anyone that stocks them anymore.   Any ideas for...
  24. MrSpaceFox

    Will my amp power these the Beyerdynamic DT990s?

    I have the fiio e06 amp, and am looking to purchase the DT990 pros by Beyerdynamic (250 ohms). With this amp plugged into my iphone or pc, will there be enough drive to use these cans at full potential? Or should I consider some with less power; the Audio technica  ad990xs for example? Thanks in...
  25. dumbttt

    DAC/Amp or PC sound card to drive headphone?

    My very cheap music set up goes like the following:    PC --> optical out --> old home theater receiver --> AKG 240 Mk II    This sounded okay until I hooked up my new super cheap Sony earbuds to the home theater receiver and found they sound better than the AKG.  Below is the link to the...