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FiiO E06 worth getting?

  1. DRuM
    I'm considering one of these as they're dirt cheap on amazon. When I play music on my Samsung phone or run the metronome app on it using my IEMs, it's just not loud enough, particularly when I'm drumming. Will the E06 boost it considerably? I don't want ear splitting but it certainly needs to go pretty loud.
    Also, I'm considering buying a pair of Beyer DT 770 Pros to run off my laptop. Not sure if I should go with the 250 ohm if I'm getting the FiiO, or if the 80 ohm will be good enough, with or without connecting it to the FiiO. I get pretty good sound and volume from my 580's in my laptop and they're 300 ohms, so does that mean 80 ohms wouldn't really need the FiiO?

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