1. patricky123

    Help!! Beyerdynamics DT770 pro VS bang and olufson H6

    Hi, I am getting a new headphone and I am really stuck between the beyerdynamics DT770 pros and the Bang and Olufson H6. I did research that dt770 are better than m50x but due to lack of resources on the dt770 idk if it's better than h6. I really want isolation and good sound, bough not an...
  2. eziduzit


    Is there any place that carries a good assortment of headphones that you can listen to? Tried Guitar Center and Best Buy but both were a bust. Guitar Center did persuade me into the Beyer DT 770s and I'm super glad they did, but would still love to keep looking for the "holy grail" of...
  3. saskekun95

    Best Headphones for my taste of music?

    Hello everyone on Head-Fi! I'm new to this forums and I really enjoy music. (sounds atrocious, doesn't it)   I own  AKG 518 LE headphones but i am not satisfied at all... (my wire broke 3 times..., fortunately my father could fix this)   Now i want to buy new ones but my price range is...
  4. deadly55

    Wanting some new headphones.

    I have about 200$ Canadian to spend on new headphones. I really like the sound of my shure SE215-Ks and would preferably find something like them  headphone sized. I've been looking at the m50s and the a700. I listen to rock and classicalish music.
  5. RockClimber18

    Headphone that is best for Alternative Rock!

    I am new and looking for a headphone that is best for Alternative Rock that is around $300 and is closed back. I mostly listen to Four Year Strong, Rise Against, New Found Glory, A Day to Remember, and such. I am looking for headphones that would be best for this type of music, I also listen to...
  6. Musicdiddy

    Closed back headphones for Solo/RX MK3

    I know there are loads of threads asking which headphone but........... I have a CLAS -db>ALO RX Mk3>Ipod Classic which I use mainly with my B & W P5's. I also have a pair of ACS T1 Lives which have gone back for adjustment a couple of times because I am not happy with sound - the soundstage is...
  7. Mr Lulz

    Need Help

    Hey guys! I know that there are many threads based that are alot like mine, but i need some help. I listen to alot of Drum 'n Bass, Hip-Hop, and Rock, but the headphones I am looking for need to focus on the first two genres I listed. I will be using an iPod Touch 4g (unamped), so the headphones...
  8. karen2625

    would like your opinon

    hi i am looking to get a decent pair of headphones for my mp3 player. what is your recomendations? thanks.
  9. DRuM

    FiiO E06 worth getting?

    I'm considering one of these as they're dirt cheap on amazon. When I play music on my Samsung phone or run the metronome app on it using my IEMs, it's just not loud enough, particularly when I'm drumming. Will the E06 boost it considerably? I don't want ear splitting but it certainly needs to go...
  10. flash gordon

    i need advice on some good detachable cord headphones with good sound quality

    i have been searching for a long time and so far these are what i have come up with through looking  ...
  11. Death3man

    ATH WS99 or Beyer DT770 Pro AE?

    Hey Guys!   I love listening to any music really, from things such as pop, rap, hiphop, rock, and electronic genres. I also enjoy other styles, not sure exactly what they are classified under, but I enjoy music from say the BeeGees, or Beatles. I love melodious songs from say Bruce...
  12. ghart99999

    Recommendation for closed back and over ear headphones for $200 that work well amped and unamped?

    HI all. Newbie here wishing to spend up to $200 for some headphones that will sound great with an iPhone 6. If possible, I would like something that is efficient enough to play great with just the iPhone input yet also open up when using a portable amp.   Comfort is very important to me. I...
  13. joker97

    Which Beyerdynamic DT-770?

    I am after a closed can with sound signature as close to HD650 or Fidelio X1 as possible, under $300.   After months of looking the only thing I can come up with is Beyerdynamic, which is quite bright, I think I can stand it as I have owned the DT-990 250Ohm before and after burn in (not sure...
  14. ev13wt

    Freak accident involving BD DT-770 and a vacuum cleaner o.O

    So as it happens, I'm pretty dumb. Washed my earpads. Taped away the crud from the driver covers. Thought it a grand idea to very carefully vacuum them off. Went around the sides on lowest setting. Was thinking: "Don't go over the middle where the driver is!" Went over the middle and heard a...
  15. iadam

    Best Headphones Under 200?

    Hello. I am wanting a great pair of over the ear headphones specifically for music but I will use for gaming/movies. Some noise isolation would be awesome. Thing is I'd like to not spend more than 200 (I'm only 17 with no job lol). Thanks!
  16. jtodap

    Ipod Nano + Ipod Dock (Line Out) + Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro = Recommended Headphone Amp?

    Hey guys,   First time post for me, thanks in advance for the recommendations. I'm looking to get a headphone amp setup for my desk here at work. I'm using an Ipod Nano (sometimes my Iphone or Ipad) plus an Apple Ipod Dock with Line Out along with Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohm)...
  17. Virtax

    200$ Gaming and Music headphones

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a good headphones for music (Dubstep, Electro etc..) and for gaming (CoD, BF, MMO games etc..), I do not need an microphone.   Currently I have the SteelSeries Siberia V2 hooked up to my Asus Xonar DG, When I will buy the new headphones I will buy the Asus Xonar...
  18. Merdril

    A Mid-Fi Comparison: Sony MDR-XB700 v. Beyerdynamic DT770 (32 Ohm) v. Audio Technica ATH-A700 v. Ultrasone HFI-580

    Final Impressions:   As a note, in case you sort of glossed over the title, I'm talking about the 32 Ohm version of the Beyerdynamic DT770.   I'm adding another set of headphones to this Mid-Fi Comparison, the Ultrasone HFI-580.   This impression won't be as detailed as my other...
  19. swbf2cheater

    how much do like new DT770 32 ohm 2005's go for these days?

    how much do they usually sell for here including the case
  20. erwin

    looking for headphone to complement my beyers (dt770 80ohm)

    hi everyone,   purchased my beyers so time ago and am mightily pleased with then when listening to aphex twin and other bass heavy electronic music. but from time to time i enjoy listening to a bit of classical music or vocally prominent music as well, and i feel like i'm not getting...
  21. BrianPeppers

    Amp for DT770 32 ohm

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has experimented with amping the 32 ohm version the DT770, and what your experience was. If not, can anyone recommend an amp for it, under $200? Hopefully at a place I could return the amp if I'm not satisfied.
  22. sceavis

    Beyer Dynamic DT 770-32

    Would these headphones  benefit from a DAC or amp?
  23. ThaSrgnGnrl

    Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro80 Review

    Hey folks, before I get rollin Id like to point out that Ive never owned a pair of headphones that I would actually be using for editing and rough mixing... Until recently, Ive been one of a lucky handfull that have always been able mix on a set of premium monitors. That being said, I can only...
  24. Bassboostme72

    Ath pro700mk2 dt880 32 ohm vs dt770 32 ohm vs denon d2000 vs Sony mdr xb1000

    I need help so bad I am so confused I am getting headphones around tax return time and have narrowed it down to 5 choices ath pro 700mk2 dt880 32 ohm vs dt770 32 ohm denon d2000 or Sony mdr xb1000 I am brand new to this head-fi site/experience and need urgent help I will not be amping these my...
  25. LazBro123

    Shure SRH940 vs Beyerdynamic DT770 32 OHM vs Ultrasone PRO 750

    Hey peeps,   Which one of the three headphones in the title should I buy? I listen to basically all genres, but I want bass. I want great clarity and great bass. I am going to use my headphones unamped through a MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPod. Which one should I buy? Any other recommendations...