Closed back headphones for Solo/RX MK3
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Jul 13, 2006
I know there are loads of threads asking which headphone but........... I have a CLAS -db>ALO RX Mk3>Ipod Classic which I use mainly with my B & W P5's. I also have a pair of ACS T1 Lives which have gone back for adjustment a couple of times because I am not happy with sound - the soundstage is great but the general sound lacks depth and is bass light with these iem's. Anyway I happen to find my old pair of Grado SR60's tonight and plugged them in and was really impressed with this combination and this led me to think maybe I can do better than the P5's. So I am looking for a pair of closed back headphones that are fairly low profile that are going to give me a better sound that I have already and wondered if anybody has any suggestions please. I listen to a wide range of music from jazz (Melody Gardot, Diana Krall), to soft rock, folk and electronic but not metal or heavy rock. My reason for wanting low profile is I do a lot of listening in bed and need to avoid annoying the Wife!

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