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Should I get XB500's?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by smoger, Feb 22, 2013.
  1. SmOgER
    My current setup: 
    Desire HD (EQed crap out of it - esp bass and mids, volume set permamently just below DAC clipping / peak limit caused by EQ, somewhere at the half) + FiiO E6 (with red/blue EQ depending on the mood) to finish the job and get high volume with no distortions + JVC S600's 
    I could archieve similiar bass levels even without an amp, but that would be at the too much of a cost of music clarity. I want ear sucking (literally) bass with decent mids/highs and that's what I'am getting right now
    Now why do I need those XB500's? They would be for exact same purpose like mine S600's (warm closed hp's) and possibly won't sound better, and they are more expensive (~70$ in my local store, it's almost as much as E6 and JVC combined)
    BUT, as it's discontinued already, this could be my last chance to get those legendary cans, and as I heard they do EQ well (?), and it's sound signature should be quite unique as well.
     what do YOU think, is it worth getting those tyres? [​IMG]
  2. Gnomeplay
    I bought them just because of their discontinuation, I didn't want to miss out on having the "beat your brains into mush" cans when they only cost like $50.
    Honestly if you heavily heavily eq them they're pretty good sounding headphones. I don't regret my decision to add them to my collection. They're a very unique portion of my inventory.
  3. wes008
    If you want crush-your-soul levels of bass, then yeah. If you just want slightly emphasized bass with an overall clean presentation at a low price, then go with the Creative Aurvana Live. (which are still in production)
  4. SmOgER
    no go. [​IMG]
    Are those mids and highs can be woken up without distortions and does the sub-bass has potential to compensate EQ'ing on the other end? 
    I assume the whole idea when starting to EQ should be quite similiar to S600's - leaving alone muffly 250 and harsh 4-8k Hz (it's not like that on flat, but they become those scary monsters when you touch em :D) while correspondently/differently increasing everything else to desired levels.
  5. jackwess
  6. SmOgER
    what? Did you even read that?
    OP just shows the most stupid EQ I have ever seen. 
    decreasing mids and highs on xb500, really dude? [​IMG] 
    Btw I can fix that, here we go: 
  7. jackwess
    Did you even read the replies? [​IMG]
    @rpg wizard goes into detail with that..
  8. SmOgER
    Oww, you are right, he was referring to their stock sound signature, [​IMG]
     all right then, but anyway, I doubt that EQ's  posted later, can make much of a difference. It's the basic ones, you can set them even before listening to HP's, lol. 
    They are +/- useless.
    That reversed graph in my earlier post looks like a better plan. [​IMG]
  9. KElyas
    I think they're good value at $50 dollars which I think they were before they were discontinued but you could do better with spending some more. I own them and am actually using them right now but other than the bass, the SQ is no more than acceptable imo. They're pretty comfy and despite how it may feel very durable. I've dropped them many times and bite the cable occasionally and it's still going well after 15 months of heavy use. The tiny bit of headband padding is looking pretty rough now though and the actual headband expands a lot over time. Padding isn't great in summer though and they do look a little dumb from a portrait view but nice from the side. Oh yea and the leaking problem it has makes them more like semi-open. Soundstage is pretty tiny as well.
    SmOgER likes this.
  10. Ohnoitztotoro
    I will admit these are really fun headphones and the ear cushions are so soft. Even though I have much nicer headphones now I still enjoy these while i'm out.  The bass is definitely given in full force and its become somewhat of a guilty pleasure when you want your EDM (or other heavy bass music) to blow you brains out with. I will say that while the bass is fun it does seep into the mids and everything else which is quite bad. As some people have noted EQ will help a bit though. I think these are a great value especially if you listen to bassy music. Even at $70 I'd say its worth it if you really want it for the novelty because in the end, even if there are better options these are still incredibly fun to have.
  11. KElyas
    After trying out some EQing I've concluded that whatever sounds bests depends on the genre. I'm not an audiophile and I just set it to whatever I like the the most and I find for a strong W shape is my favorite. Yes that's right, I boost the lowest end the most cos I find that the headphones really respond well to it although if it does become overpowering on a particular album I will just lower it but I've only noticed this on one album so far. This is how I've got it:
    80hz   - 8 
    220hz - 1
    780hz - 6
    3khz   - (-)2
    13khz - 6
    And then I just make play it pretty loud 
    There's not point trying to make a fun headphone into an audiophile set... just embrace what it is!
  12. SmOgER
    Yours eq seems very similiar to what I use on S600's. Yet I'am using tones (independant from EQ) and Fiio EQ on top of that. It would be really hard to draw everything in one graph, lol. 
    Now with this other thing, as you noticed I'am not looking for flat sound,  it's nothing like audiophile... 
    I'am looking for a skull rattling bass which could be decently controlled by EQ to regain clarity with something similiar like your mentioned W shape.
    Audiophile set would be just... flat... like they tend to say: "sounding how music was created to be like", well, for me it's just plain boring, HP's are not speakers, not to mention that even different studios/DJs have different sounding equipment. And I'am not music creator and stuff, I just want to enjoy my music. [​IMG]
  13. KElyas
    yea I'm the same I love music and just want some headphones that will make me enjoy it more and am currently looking for another pair to succeed the XB500. I've noticed people either review headphones as 'audiophile' or 'fun'. I'm not too sure why someone would prefer technical reproduction over enjoyment tbh. I'd say if you want the 'skull rattling bass' I don't think you'd be able to find that with any pair of headphones but the Sony's are probably the best you'll find at their price point. I just googled your headphones and it looks like they'd be a decent upgrade. Too bad you can't try them out anymore now that they're discontinued, why did you wait so long? lol. What about the XB600s? They're more expensive but perhaps a better option, I'm not sure about SQ but the design is much more portable. 

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