For those who have experienced both the GR07 BE and e-Q5, what are the main differences?
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Jul 18, 2010
[size=medium]Looking for just a bit more on some feedback received in the guide thread.  I’m not asking ‘which is better,’ just trying to determine which will better suit me.  So if you happened to have experience with both, how would you say these two sets differ in the following ways? [/size]
  1. [size=medium]Bass signature and impact[/size]
  2. [size=medium]Vocal clarity[/size]
  3. [size=medium]Detail and definition – does either one produce veiling, smearing or harshness?[/size]
  4. [size=medium]Tendency for sibilance – that bothers me quite a bit[/size]
  5. [size=medium]Spatial feel/3D environment – I am assuming the soundstage in the BE is similar to that of the previous GR07 (?)[/size]
  6. [size=medium]Would either benefit much from a small amp like the Fiio e6?  From what I understand they are both pretty low impedance and suitable for mobile devices. [/size]
[size=medium]Thank you[/size]
[size=medium]PS music prefs are alt/progressive/vocalists like Adele&Tori Amos/rock/electronic (roughly in that order) [/size]

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