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anything as portable as E6?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by law87, Feb 20, 2015.
  1. Law87
    I dont like my phone sound signature output, looking for something smaller or the same footprint as the E6 with good quality no EMI or hissing for IEM. can anyone recommend anything?
  2. Music Alchemist
    What's wrong with the E6? I used to own it.
    Which phone do you have? Do you use both your Alpha Dog and W40 with it?
  3. Law87

    This is just for the W40. I dont want the issue of hearing EMI and Hiss. I guess if i have to resort to it I will but just want to check to see if there are better amp/dac out there. I saw the fire mini plus but i guess its not on sale anymore?
  4. Music Alchemist
    Did you use the E6 with your phone before? Are you sure the E6 is causing these problems?
    The E6 is very tiny. I can't think of a portable amp as small as that.
    If you're okay with something bigger and more expensive, you have many other options.
  5. Law87
    I have the C5D which is ok when I use at home, but honestly I dont want to carry a brick around (my phone attach to the amp) so I want to downsize for when I am on the go.

    I tried the E6 before I cant remember my takes on it but I return it for whatever reason.
  6. Music Alchemist
    So you can't remember why you returned it, but think it may have had something to do with hiss?
  7. Law87
    no I cant remember why I return it, but I been looking at it again and the reviews  have said that there hiss or slight hum while using IEM.
  8. Law87

    I believe I return it when I had my Mad dog and I was expecting too much out of it to drive such a hungry headphone.
  9. Music Alchemist
    If you need something that small, it's the only option I know of. If I were you, I'd just buy it and return it if there were any serious issues.
  10. Music Alchemist
    lol. Oh. Yeah, it's not meant for that.
  11. Law87

    yea I been looking at the Audioengine D3 but not sure if it compatible with my HTC one M8 to play spotify or movies.
  12. Mooses9
    yes how much do you want to spend
  13. Law87

    below 200
  14. Mooses9
    Yeah that's a little below what I Was thinking I was thinking something along the lines of like the pico slim it's very small but very expensive.
  15. Law87

    hmmm I'll take a look into it...how's the sound? warm? cool? neutral? if its warm cant use it with westone IEM as the IEM already warm.

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