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Suggestions for a ~$500+ budget?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by semaj8james, Mar 22, 2013.
  1. semaj8james
    Hello beautiful people of Head-Fi! I lurk often whenever I decide I need a review of headphones or I browse the general discussion and decided to make an account to pose this question.
    I have a budget of $500, what would be a good setup? I have already spent roughly $200 on gear. I currently own:
    Ultrasone HFI 580's
    Fiio E6 Amp
    It seems to me I got bit by the bug, as I desire better and better headphones now! A good amp is always good to have too. For playback I use either my iPhone 4 or MSI GT 670m gaming laptop. I'm a rather huge bass head, but mids and treble is important to me as well. I normally listen to dubstep, drumstep, and many sub-genres of Electronica in general.
    I'm looking for a nice bassy set of cans, preferably closed ear, preferably comfortable. Looks don't bother me much.
    If needed, I can afford to dump over $1,000 on stuff for my craving to become an audiophile. I feel like I should get a high end amp, so I won't have to upgrade again later.
    Anyways, does anyone have suggestions for a nice set of under $1000 cans, preferably with an outstanding bass. Also, any suggestions on what headphone amps I should get?
    Also, is it a good idea to buy headphones used, or is new often the best route to take? 
    Thanks guys! :3
  2. Jasper9395
    Are you planning on spending all of your budget on headphones? It would  probably make sense to invest in a good source component at this point. Remember crap in = crap out. As far as headphones go I would recommend the Denon D2000 or 50000 these really have some awesome (sub) base. BTW while the Denons are closed they do not provide much insulation. 
    You could also go for some orthodynamics like the HE400 or 500 (which are open) but in that case you really need a powerful amp to drive them. 
    I would advise you to go 2nd hand there is a lot of quality gear that comes up for sale. Just be patient know what you want to buy and go for it when you see a good deal. 
  3. semaj8james
    I don't plan to spend all of my budget on headphones, hence why I suggested if I should get a good amp. What would be a good amp that would be functional on most? I've looked into the Fiio E11, anyone have some good ideas on an under $200 amp? Thanks!
  4. Jasper9395
    Well for 200 dollars you can get a schiit magni amp and modi dac. Having separate components means you will able to upgrade easily later. I've not heard these personally but they seem to be quite positively received on this form. 
  5. Greed
    HiFiMan HE-400 seems right up your ally, unless you are looking for a more neutral tone than opt for the HE-500. They are relatively easy to drive and sound amazing for the price, especially with a well synergized amp/dac. You could also spend your money mainly on a AMP/DAC and get something like Senneheiser HD650 or even HD600 if you are again looking for neutral-ish sound. It really depends on what is more important to you.
  6. semaj8james
    Thanks! I'm definatly going to look into those and look into a nice amp!
  7. Greed

    Schiit Lyr/Bifrost will probably give you some of the best performance sub 1000. I would also look into a Burson Amp, the Soloist is also said to do very well with orthos. You definitely want an amp with plenty of power, as I feel both the HE-400 and HE-500 scale well.
  8. semaj8james
    As for amps, I prefer portable ones, however the Bifrost interests me for household use.
  9. Greed

    Ah... ok well you are definitely going to have to do some thorough research on a portable solution that can power orthos. Although the HE-400 has been said to do even well with something like a FiiO E11, so maybe not to picky if you get the HE-400, but definitely the HE-500 you will need to get what many people call a "brick" portable rig to sufficiently power them.
    Also, if noise isolation/leakage matter at all to you, the HE-400 and HE-500 are not the right can for you. They are open headphones, basically anything you are listening to is going to leak so please keep that in mind.
  10. Jasper9395
    If you require a portable setup you should really look into something like the Denons. They are much easier to drive. They are out of production though so you would have to go 2nd hand. 
  11. semaj8james
    I read up on that problem with the HE-500's and smaller amps. I'm currently looking at reviews for the HE-400's. I think for in huse use, I'd use the HE 400's, while going outside or anything else I'd use my HFI 580's. Sound isolation isn't huge for me as I already have a decent set of cans for that.
  12. semaj8james
    Been looking at some Denons aswell too!

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