1. Trollbox360

    What would be the best amp for $30 or less. My own pickings below.

    I picked out the Fiio e6 or the Cmoy Which would be better and are there some that are better then these?
  2. Newbie2013

    Worth getting Fiio E5/6?

    Hi all! Posted this in the wrong forum, so here goes: I was wondering if getting the e5/6 for my android HTC phone would offer any marked improvements over any eq apps available in the app store? I have a pair of Sennheiser eh150. Is it even worth getting it or am I simply going to waste money...
  3. Senryu

    Best portable amp for me?

    Hi! I'm new of this forum :)   I'm not necessarely an audiophile, but I care of what I listen to... so...   I have a Cowon iAudio 10, I listen all flac audio (and a bunch of mp3 and wma) with a pair of Skullcandy Aviator headphones and a pair of Sennheiser CX300 earphones (I use them...
  4. Poalim

    ClarityOne EB110 + FiiO E6 \\\ OR /// JVC FXD80 + FiiO E07K

    What will sound better:   ClarityOne EB110 AMPed with Fiio E6   Or   JVC FXD80 AMPed with Fiio E70K   * Mobility is a bonus * Both for me are the same price.
  5. Poalim

    Can FiiO E6 help JVC FXD80?

    Can Fiio E6 help Iphone 4 with JVC FXD80? And will I need 3.5 to 3.5 cable or 30 pin to 3.5?
  6. ragnellsaria

    noob needs help with portable amps

    hey guys as the tittle says im a new in the audifoworld i have been looking for a portable amp but i have so many questions and i havent been able to find the info i need so these are my questions i hope u can help me im planning getting the fiio 12 but for example my ath m50 has an input power...
  7. Toxicman1994

    Best Amp to pair with ATH A900X?

    Hey all I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH A900X's and I was wanting to know, what is the best amp under 300$ to pair with these cans that you know of?   Any suggestions are welcome, I have never really gotten into the Amp side of things yet, and I was also wondering does it really make that...
  8. shaolin95

    I got Sony mdr-x10, how does it compare to xb500 and jvc rx700 or similar bassy headphone? With FiiO e6 and e11

    hi! So I have been looking for a closed headphone to use at work instead of my TDK IE800 or my not so good Sens HD212Pro (lose fit makes bass wimpy). I went to Best Buy and the only thing I could see that got my interested was this MDR-X10 since originally it was priced at $300 and is down to...
  9. CZ Eddie

    Can any of the micro amps drive 8ohm speakers?

    I'm looking at the Fireye Mini+, Mini, Fiio E6 and Hippo.  The Mini+ and E6 are just barely too big for the application I'll use them in, so I absolutely cannot use anything larger.   Problem is, while I have some 32ohm speakers, they aren't high quality.  And the only high quality speakers I...
  10. whendeathfails

    Best choice for the m50s.

    I ordered my m50s with my xmas loot, whats the best portable amp for these below 70$. Im thinking about getting the fiio e6.
  11. skept1k

    FiiO e5 or FiiO e6

    I have a pair of Ultimate Ears 600 (UE 600 if you will) and while the headphones sounds truly phenomenal, they do lack a bit of punchy bass. The bass and low frequencies are still clearly there, but the bass is just not punchy. So, for overall sound quality and performance, which amp would be...
  12. devilmonk

    Koss ProDJ100 with Fiio E6 AMP vs Audio Technica ATH M50

    I've heard that the Koss ProDJ100 sound better than anything else in its price range, and even up to the $200 headphones. On the other hand, I've heard the m50's are the best sounding headphones without an amp.    Ok, so 'heard' isn't really 'heard', its actually hours upon hours of eye...
  13. ShyamS

    Question Regarding FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier & Sony XBA H1 earphone

    Hi there!   I'm new to the whole audio systems. I am just learning the facts and the values etc. But I enjoy music very much and always like to listen best quality as possible that I can afford. I used to have Klipsch S4a and used it with my Android device (LG G2). Now I decided to upgrade my...
  14. devilmonk

    New to AMP's, Need Help. (Fiio products)

    I've decided to buy the Koss ProDJ100 with an amp after researching for an extremely long time. I'm considering the Fiio E6 as an AMP. I'm not only going to be using this for portable usage, but also for my desktop, that being said, the E6 comes with a L8 cable (which is $10 on amazon). The L8...
  15. oleskool

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1 + Fiio E07k Andes????

    Hello everyone I have been using my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 to listen to music. I am not a super complicated guy. I can settle for good sound. I don't need outstanding sound just yet. Been using AKG K44. They have been taken over by my niece who prefers them to ear buds. So I was thinking I may as...
  16. skept1k

    Ultimate Ears 600, pair them with the FiiO e5 or FiiO e6 amps?

    First post here :) Question is in title. I have heard the UE 600's have great sound but lack a bit of bass (still very present just not what they're "praised" for) and I have seen that the e5 and e6 amps offer bass boosting and sound quality as a whole. Problem is, some say the e5 has better...
  17. big_k

    Does anyone exercise (weight train, run) with a portable amp? Considering the Fiio E6, but want the E11?

    Hi everyone,   I Just got the CKS99 and want to push a little more through my iphone 5...although I also have a Zune 120gb that I believe is much louder. Any thoughts on which has better SQ?   I think an iPhone 5 + an E11 is a little bit too cumbersome, but if someone says its night and day...
  18. squeakez

    Best sound impact for $400? Better headphones and amp or lesser headphones and amp & DAC?

    I have $400 to spend to improve on my current setup - DB500s + FiiO6. I have been considering the AT A900X paired with the Magni/Modi stack.  OR - would it be better to spend the extra $100 on better headphones and skip the DAC. I will be playing these from my Acer laptop and listening primarily...
  19. redme

    So what the heck do protable amps do?

    Hi everyone,   As you can probably tell by the title, I am pretty much a noob when it come to audio equipment.  I've been thinking about buying a portable amp for a while now, but I have no idea what it actually does and whether buying one would be a worthy investment for me.  I've tried to...
  20. Mitchell4500

    New IEMs from Shure SE315 ~ $300

    Hi, I have the Buy New IEMS itch...  I have a pair of Shure SE315s and a Westone UM1s. I like them both but I crave something with a bit more bass.  While bass is important to me I have noticed that the 315s are extremely clear sounding and I would like to keep it that way while still gaining...
  21. fallingsnowfy

    Best sound set up for Ps3 Helpp!!

    Hello i got a headphones with very large soundstage, but im puzzled how to connect them to my ps3. i have the AV cables sound set up with a E6 fio amp, but will that give me position location in my games and in movies?   also i heard there is a USB connector for audio and mic. Im not sure which...
  22. reddragon

    ever heard of this?
  23. E

    Would a Fiio E6 be a good enough portable amp for my HD 558's?

    My HD 558's sound great unamped with my MacBook and my desktop PC, which has an Asus Xonar DX sound card. My Samsung Galaxy S3, however, sounds bad with the HD 558's due to it's ****ty onboard amp (I've been told that the amp is the problem, not the DAC). The highs are not as crisp and the...
  24. bluxx

    Is a FiiO E6 enough to power a pair of AKG K-240s?

    I'm in need of an upgrade, and the K-240s seem really nice. However, I don't want to spend as much as I did on headphones on an amp. Will the FiiO E6 be enough for them?
  25. KSIXephos938

    FiiO E6 with an Cowon J3 - Soft Sound

    Hi guys, first time poster here and a relative noob at audio. So I have decided to come into the world of audiophiles and have bought myself a new portable audio rig. I've got the Cowon J3, Sennheiser IE80, Comply Isolation Foam Tips and the FiiO E6 Amp. The rig sounds amazing without the amp...