1. Lalamauchi

    Does this fit me?

    I'm new to headphones and was looking for a pair with punchy bass, good highs, and good depth for around 200 or less dollars. I don't mind if the set up involves getting equipment that will exceed 200 (I'm expecting it to). I just want the headphones to be $200 or so. I was thinking of getting...
  2. mrcuriosity

    Philips Uptown Over-Ear Headphones: Help!

    Okay, so I bought these headphones a few weeks ago. At first I was rather disappointed with its sound after having enjoyed the JVC Flats On-Ear's sound signature for so long. They were a lot more warmer than I'd expected them to be, I thought there'd be more body to their bass.   But then I...
  3. Windmill

    Another "my next headphone" Advice Thread

    Hey, I'm sure this forums is flooded with noobs like myself asking for audio product advice-- for that I apologize.  (But I'm still not sorry enough to not post one).  I've done research and will likely do a considerable amount more, but I thought I would ask for some audiophiles' opinions.  ...
  4. blue5

    Buying some new headphones

    Right so, I'm planning on buy some new headphones as my current one are broken as they only produce sound to one ear. My current ones (that are in a sense, broken) are the Audio Technica WS55i, these in my opinion produced amazing sound quality in the lows, mids and highs. Anyway since these...
  5. rnslrzno


    I'm looking for a fun, comfortable, closed back full sized headphone that do not need an amp. Gonna be using them for rock and metal. Detachable cable would be nice. I prefer quality over quantity of bass. I'm not a basshead but I do like a warmer type of headphone. Good build quality too. I...
  6. vivalacarlo

    Headphones with good bass under $150?

    I already have the Sony mdr XB500s for 10 months now and i love them but now i want something with moderate bass. I also want something that is clear-er and that is fun to listen to.
  7. lowko

    Looking for some 'starter' audiophile headphones

    Dear Head Fi community,   Been lurking around for quite some time now but can't really find the solution for my problem. I know there are a 1000 diffrent threads like mine already out there, but everyone seems to suggest diffrent ones, and since I am not able to listen to each and every...
  8. Purithian

    Need new headphones. Help!@#@!@

    As the title says I'm looking into buying a new pair of full size, over ear, Headphones. The max price range i have right now is $150 only. From the searching i have done i found a few types of headphones that i like the looks of, and have good reviews. I had some beats studios before, but i...
  9. rpganzen

    looking for opinions on long list of headphones feel free to post anything you might find better

    i have bought a good amount of headphones so far and have read reviews on this site for all these headphones for the most part and have used this site often in making choices for headphones now im stuck with a long list of phones and decided to finally make a post to get opinions on which would...
  10. mrconfuse

    Does price determine how big of a jump I will get with sound qaulity?

    I'm looking to purchase a new headphone and I'm tempted by the Ultrasone edition 8. It is also expensive but I have no issues with that if it's going to have great quality. Question I have is how much better is the sound quality to something that's lower in price? Is the jump in sound quality...
  11. TKD7

    Philips citiscape uptown vs other <$100 headphone

    like the title says is there anyother headphones that are more comfortable and sound better for house/techno music but also okay for other types of music? Take into consideration there is no amplifier.   In my list i've got; - Koss dj100 ($55) - Sony mdr-zx700 ($88) - Creative aurvana...
  12. blue5

    Buying new headphones

    Right so, I'm planning on buy some new headphones as my current one are broken as they only produce sound to one ear. My current ones (that are in a sense, broken) are the Audio Technica WS55i, these in my opinion produced amazing sound quality in the lows, mids and highs. Anyway since these...
  13. pokercem

    Hi-fi cans for rock and little bit dubstep

    Hey guys;   I am looking for hi-fi over ear closed headphones about 150$. Natural sound is important for me. As you see on the title i want for rock. It will be nice if it look good but not too important.    Thanks for advices.
  14. David2395

    Anything better then the mth- M50s or equally as good for less money?

    these headphone look phenomenal and I've heard they sound great but they are pretty pricy.
  15. Swaggursaurus

    Looking for over-ear headphones. Any advice?

    New here!     I want some over-ear headphones for everyday listening. I listen to pretty much every genre of music, but mainly hip hop, rap, and all kinds of electronic music, so I would like some with a good balance, but nice bass. I used to have Beats Pro, but I sold those and later...
  16. dcsquirrel

    Headphones without Amp under 100

    Hello I am looking to purchase a headphone and need some help here Listen to pop, alternative, rock (all american rejects, blink182, journey, train, ect) I don't know anything about amps and I will just be plugging them right into my computer or ipod Closed preferably. Here are a few I...
  17. Bigballermike99

    Scosche rh1056m one of the most underated headphones ever!!!!!!

    Hey everyone I'm new on here this is my first post on this forum. I have been in real need of a nice full sized headphone that looked really nice and also had decent to good sound quality. Well let me just tell you guys my search has officially ended I went out on a limb and purchased the...
  18. JD1993

    Good ~$200 Amps for the HiFiman HE-400's?

    I'm looking towards purchasing a desktop amplifier that will work with: HiFiman HE-400's and the Sennheiser HD 598's. I would prefer if it stayed under $200, but I don't know what kind of amp will power them both. Other headphones that I might possibly use would be the Philips Citiscape Uptown...
  19. JoeyBrucs

    Need portable headphone!

    Hey I been looking into what headphones to get for the past week and have been very VERY indecisive about my situation.   My Specifications First, off i am still open for either an on or over ear headphone (heading towards the over ear) Second, and quality just for bass. A lot of house...
  20. yokken

    Best hybrid between DT880 and HD650?

    Hey all, got some DT880/250s 2 weeks ago and I'm loving them. Currently using a Fiio E17 as a DAC and amp. I'm looking to get an ODAC+O2 but I might just get the ODAC and wait for the ODA to come out. I've had some HD280s for about 5 years now and they served me well, but I stopped using them...
  21. surfncwby13

    1st time investor in quality headphones, need advice on specs

    I'm looking to invest in some headphones (preferably under $200) and I was wondering what sort of specs I should be looking for in terms of impedance, sensitivity, etc. I am not a huge audiophile and use my headphones mostly for listening to music on my computer or my phone. I also would like...
  22. JuanseAmador

    New to Audiophile world

    Hi guys, I wondered if you can help me... I want to be an audiophile, but I need help choosing headphones. These are my choices: HiFiMan HE-400 Shure SE215 (IEM) And I still have $300 for a more portable headphone, probably On-Ear. Grado 325i Grado 225i Koss PortaPro Sennheiser HD25 ATH-M50...
  23. kidfiction

    Extension cable degrades quality on Philips Citiscape Uptown

    I just recently purchased the Philips Citiscape Uptown headphones (, and they're working fantastically in my iPod, phone and directly into the computer. However whenever I plug them into an extension cord (some...
  24. Mr Vibe

    Looking for portable headphones/ earphones/IEM for trip hop/electro music (150$ budget)

    Hello,   after reading many threads I post here to have some suggestions for my particular use.    To sum it up here is what I'm looking for:   - around 150$ budget - good isolation (I will use them mainly in metro, train, bus etc..) - comfy (I listen to music..a lot) - suited...
  25. Haegin

    Office recommendations

    Hey,   I've been browsing various threads on here for the past few weeks trying to decide on some headphones for work and don't really feel any closer to a decision. I'm looking to spend about £60 at the most (I'm not really an audiophile, just want good value for money) and my priorities...