Philips Uptown Vs V-Moda M-100 or else? For Electronic music
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New Head-Fier
Jan 11, 2013
Hey everyone,
I'm new here, I dont have any High-End headphones or equipment, and I havent tried anything like that.
At the moment I own on-ear ATH-SJ55 without AMP but I want something more serious!
So I need advice from more experienced people.
I'm looking for balanced sound, with a little bit bass extension (not overpowering).
I listen primarily to Elecrtonic music (Ambient, Hip-Hop instrumentals, Glitch-Hop, Drum'n'Bass), but I also like other stuff like Indie/Rock/Metal/Classical.
So I watched a lot of reviews on Youtube and picked Philips Uptown (150$) and V-Moda M-100 (300$) but feel free to advice any other headphone. I thought about UE6000 too, but idk...
What do you think? Have you tried them? 
SQ? BQ? Quality/Price?
Thanks for attention.

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