1. Jim McC

    Best "open" headphones under $40 ?

    Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. I prefer on ear, as long as they are lightweight and comfy on the ears. Over the ear are fine too, but if the cups are not deep and large enough, and touch my ears, I hate that. Thanks.
  2. Polar1s

    Best full size headphones for <$30

    Hi so im not much of audiophile but I know how to distinguish sound and all of that. I am currently looking for some over the ear headphones around $30 (I can stretch it up to $35) Ill be using them for music such as alternative some electronic not too much and gaming. I have seen the superlux...
  3. redme

    Please help me find new headphones!

    Hi everyone,   I'm currently looking for cheap headphones (preferably $25 or less) that will offer decent sound quality, comfort, and durability.  I've heard good things about the Monoprice 8323 and Sennheiser HD202 II - can anyone give me any suggestions as to which one I should get, or...
  4. bukowski

    budget full-size headphones

    Due to the 2 PM's limit, i was "forced" to create this thread...    I asked Dsnuts for a budget full-size headphones by PM, but then i got stuck with the 2 Pm's issue. i hope he doesn't get upset i'm getting this public...     Hi Dsnuts, my name is Carlos and i'm writing you from...
  5. sigmac123

    good phones for under $40

    hey looking for some good phones for under 40$   i Want clear sound and I dont care much 4 bass   dont care if there closed or open
  6. lorriman

    HD681 with Ipod Nano 2gen. Output impedance?

    Does anyone know the output impedance of the 2nd Gen Ipod Nano? I am looking to get a friend the HD681 headphones but their impedance is a mere 32 ohms which means that if the 2nd gen nano has a high output impedance, and I expect it does, then the audio will be affected. I've tried searching...
  7. Aviv

    Looking for new headphones in the $50 range, mainly for producing music

    Hey, I am planning to buy new headphones, and I would like to get some advices on what headphone is the best for me. I read and thought of buying one of these 2 headphones: Sennheiser HD205 or Superlux HD681, they both cost the same in my country (around 200 NIS=$50), so I really don't know...
  8. Jim McC

    What are some headphones with the LARGEST ear space?

    I'd like to get your info on this, about full sized, circumaural "open" or "semi- open" cans that you've actually tried or own. I'm talking about the ear opening size and depth. I have average size ears, but I hate when the driver or pads touch my ears. I just received the Panasonic HTF600 a...
  9. TheRH

    Are the AKG 240's and PreSonus HD7's the same?

    Hello,   I wanted to know, are the AKG 240's and PreSonus HD7's the same?   RH
  10. xxleloxx

    IEM 100 U$ for rock / metal

    Hi, i already have 2 Headphones a SuperLux HD 681 ( That sounds really good ) and a Shure SRH440 but now i'm looking for a IEM, i just broke my HD 381F :\, and i want to go "better"  i can spent about 100 U$, i mostly listen to metal songs ( Trash, Progressive, Death, Melodic death, Doom...
  11. litetaker

    Are full size headphones generally quieter than in-ear ones?

    I have a pair of Superlux HD681 headphones and I was comparing them with my cheapo sony in ear earphones and I found them to be a bit quieter than the Sony in ear buds. Are full sized headphones generally quieter? Or can they also be as loud as in ear earphones?
  12. antigen

    New Headphones: budget from 50 to 100€... Suggestion?

    Hi! I need a suggestion, actually I have a pair of AKG 512 and a superlux 681 and i want to di a jump into a better world of hearing music. My source of music is an iPod Classic. What do you suggest? My budget is 50€ but i can arrive maximum to 100€ if there is a very food pair of...
  13. antigen

    50 or 100 Euro Budget: What is the best solution?

    Hi to all,   I'm very confused about headphones, I want a new headphones but I can't try anything in store.   I want a really good upgrad over the Superlux 681 that I have.   What do you suggest?   If my budget is 50 EURO hat do you suggest?   And if my budget increase to 100...
  14. futurepocket

    Reasonably priced over-ear headphones for the gym?

    I'm looking to get the ATH-M50's because I keep hearing so many good things about them from around the forums, but I can't find any information on whether they'd be able to perform well at the gym. My main concern is that non-durable headphones can't put up with that kind of "abuse".   I had...
  15. packboy5

    Good entry level audiophile full cups

    Hey everyone,   I am a new audiophile and am new to this site. I'm looking for a good pair of headphones, preferably full bass cups, for under $50. I've looked at the Superlux HD668B but with shipping it was a little over my price range. Here are some I've also looked at:   Superlux...
  16. JellyMush

    Which should I get?

    Hello i have been looking at 2 headphones. It is between these: Razer kraken headphones for 60$: Sennheiser HD 419 headphones for 40$: I willl be using these headphones for gaming and...
  17. wes1099

    AKGs with good soundstage?

    I have a tight budget of $70 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any AKGs with good soundstage, because i really like AKG for their durability and warranties, but i need something with good soundstage and a solid bass would be nice too. I listen to many electronic genres such as dubstep, and i...
  18. curlysue

    frequency response graphs (or curves) - compensating with graphic equalizer settings

    Hi,   For the last few days I have been struggling with how good and how poor headphones sound.   I have been listening to a variety of music with a small variety of headphones with MSRP of (approx) less than $180.   Specifically (in alphabetical order), I have been listening to . . .  ...
  19. THAIS

    Looking for the best deal up to $50 - $60 ... (Headphones)

    Hello everybody.   First, I want to say that I am happy that I am part of this exciting forum. Second - my English in not perfect, so - excuse me if there is something not understandable. Third, I hope that my topic is with correct title and that it's in the right place.   Now I'll say a...
  20. WallOfNoise

    Need suggestions for over the ear headphones under 70 dollars.

    Dear folk at Head Fi,                    I am looking for a new pair of headphones under 70 dollars. I listen to mostly Hardcore, Metal, and Rock, but will occasionally listen to Electronic, Jazz, and Hip Hop. I want a pair of headphones with with good, clear bass. I am currently looking at...
  21. geo2160

    Cheapo comfy headphones

    I've just noticed that an online retailer from my country has brought a lot of Superlux models. Up until now I've heard a lot of good things about the 681 and 668b's. Which one of those in the list should I choose? I value comfort and noise isolation above all and I think I would prefer a more...
  22. marone

    Superlux 681 Red Ring Classic Has Been Discontinued

    I live in China and shop on TaoBao. Yesterday I sent a personal message to every single seller of the Superlux 681, 30+ vendors in total. The original Red Ring 681 (null) has been discontinued since at least early 2013, perhaps longer. There are no sellers of this hp on TaoBao. I can purchase...
  23. Schonen

    Presonus HD7 same headphone as Superlux 681B?

    Was checking out equipment on L&M and came across these Presonus HD7 headphones for $58.99 CAD. Did a bit of research on them and in the comments on this youtube video a person says they are same headphone as Superlux 681B. Is that correct?   "...
  24. Belial88

    Pioneer SE-A1000 vs Takstar 2050 vs Superlux 668B/681/EVO/SR850?

    Just curious how these 3 compare. 3 open, $50 or less headphones that seem to dominate the sub-$100 category (if open is okay for you, plenty of good closed ones out there I'm not going into, but sound leakage is fine with me). The Superluxes are usually around $30-40, so even cheaper...
  25. xdog

    How big/width is the scene quantitativly

    Especially I would be interested in akg701 or HD800, or some other which have spectacular scene   What I mean is:  headphones play in you head, and the (general) soundstage seem to be limited to your skull (bone structure), with open headphones reaching  few (3-5) centemeters out of the...