1. BalaVerde

    SONY MDR-V55 vs. SHURE SRH 240 vs. HD439 vs. MDR-XB600 vs. Pioneer HDJ-500

    Hello,   so I am looking for some headphones under 100$, I've been studying this forum, dozen of reviews, unboxings etc etc. and still I have no idea what to pick.   Currently I am using Creative Aurvana Live!, they offer good sound, but the build quality is terrible and as for now they...
  2. esoteric11

    Headphones under $60

    I am new to the whole high quality headphones , yet I am very excited to get into this world and potentially be an audiophile. My first purchase was the Superlux HD 681's, which I like very much. I plan on slowly increasing my collection of hi fi headphones.     So my question comes in, I...
  3. sofastreamer

    Looking for closed back portable cans with some kind of soundstage

    actually i am looking for a good set of over/around ear headphones for portable use. must haves:   - good isolation - dry bass down to sub bass region - no piercing highs - at least a little soundstage, the bigger the better   nice to have:   - lots of details - quite neutral...
  4. eliteboy

    Razer Orca x Shure HDR240 x Senn HD202 - which?

    Hello, everyone.   I know you guys will complain about the fact that I'm newbie, I "never" sought by the Head-Fi forums, I could look hardly but perhaps not enough.   I have a Philips SHP-2700 and I need an update, I need to buy a phone in the range of $ 50 (which means here in Brazil...
  5. Mr Shine

    Headphones Upgrade/Comparable to Shure SRH 240

    Hi everyone,   A couple of years ago I used this forum to great effect in settling on the Shure SRH 240 headphones and I have loved them, but sadly the cord started to give up yesterday and I am now in the market for a new set of headphones for use listening to music on my laptop at home as...
  6. jmusic

    Best Headphones Under or around a 100?

    Im looking to get some headphones that are good for a cheap price. What i mainly look for is comfort so please help me out on this one. Looking for around a 100
  7. silvernoy

    looking for comfortable overear headphones! budget < $70

    hey guys,    new to headfi. im looking for comfortable headphones with great bass for under 70. currently own the shure srh 240 but the bass too weak for my taste and its highs are quite piercing at times..   anyway, the important thing is good bass (quality and quantity) and wont...
  8. SilverEagle

    Circumaural closed backed headphones for under $100

    Hi, guys As the title implies I’m in the market for a circumaural closed backed headphone for under a $100 AUD, that can be powered, un-amped by an iPhone 4. I’m looking for a neutral balance since I listen to a range of genres, mainly Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop/Rock/Alternative and bit of Classical and...
  9. wanner

    Denon AH-D510 or Shure SRH240 or other?

    I am looking for a pair of closed headphones to use while im on the go as when im at work. As the title says both the Denon AH-D510 and Shure SRH240 caught my attention, which one would you recommend? Comfort is important to me since ive had bad experiences in the past with headphones hurting my...
  10. whitedragon551

    Help Picking Headphones with a Strict Budget

    I had a pair of Creative Labs EP630i's until my son left them dangling from my computer chair and the cat chewed through the cords. Now Im on the lookout for another set.   I listen to a wide range of music. Rap, hip hop, R&B, oldies like the Beech Boys, Rock, Alternative rock. Im a car...
  11. Soldierducky

    budget headphones HD 201 vs HD 202 II VS SRH 240 vs HD 230 pro

    Hello! I am weighing the option of HD 201 vs HD 202 II VS SRH 240 vs HD 230 pro maybe ATH sj 55 Which is best for comfort and treble(violin) I listen to a lot of classical. I hate the tuba blasting away the sound of the violins so bass is the lowest priority here. Portability is important...
  12. JDChrisstian

    Advise? What Should I Choose? Beats' Design VS Sehnheiser Sound?

    Hello Audiophiles! This is my very first Thread and since I know pretty much nothing about headphones I count on you to help!   My name is Jordan, and I am not a true audiophile (yet), but I really want to invest in good phones. For General Everyday use: with an mp3 player, with my laptop, I...
  13. RevAmped

    Shure SRH240 vs Sony MDR-XB700 vs V-Moda Crossfade LP

    Shure SRH240 vs Sony MDR-XB700 vs V-Moda Crossfade LP   I've been considering which cans to get to replace my MeElectronics headphones and have narrowed my choices down to these three, with the Shures and Sonys I am going to be getting a Fiio E6 amp, but not with the Crossfades.   There...
  14. shakgriig

    Shure SRH440 vs Monoprice MEP-839/Kicker HP541 with different pads, which is better?

    I am looking for cheaper headphones that are comfortable with large pads, I can't stand things pressing on my ears, and also with very low sound leakage so not to disturb people in the same room as me that are reading.   I have narrowed down my choice to the SRH440 and the Monoprice/Kicker...
  15. jinxeddeep

    Suggestions for headphones for use with iPod and laptop for around $60

    Hey guys,      I'm all excited about my first post here and can't wait to interact with the head-fi community. Last week, I finally decided to get myself a full-size headphone after two loyal years with in-ears. I am still a fledgling audiophile and so I am not as educated as most of the...
  16. halehaler

    Best Crap Headphones (Under £50/$80)

    Hello, I am looking for some general purpose headphones for all types on music and games, not looking to spend too much.   Any suggestions?  
  17. zigalayho

    Need serious input from true audiophiles...

            Okay - like many others, I finally decided to dip my toe in the proverbial sea of audiophilia. What I found was a hodge-podge of differing opinions and ideas. So anyway, I had decided that I was going to pan it down to a few ideas and find a place to try them out, right? Wrong.    ...
  18. Ruckus10

    Need help!!!!!!

    I'm looking for over the ear headphones with huge bass!!! Doesn't have to compare to the Sony xb series but I don't want those they r waaay to big! They have to be comfortable and don't leak sound and under $85 thank for the help
  19. Cu Chulainn

    Help with new cans ~£50

    Hey,   I'm on the lookout for a new set of 'phones for gaming and music use. I have a budget of approximately £50 and don't want to go much over it.   Suggestions I received so far include the Shure SHR240s, JVC HA-RX700s, and the Sennheisers HD448s.   Are there any others I should...
  20. xxtoni

    Buying Sennheiser HD448 at eBay

    Hello everyone!   I finally decided to get myself headphones for office use in an attempt to increase after reading a few reviews over at I first took a look at the Grado's SR 60i but I really disliked the looks and I'm looking for something that can block a...
  21. appyrab

    HD 448 with amp?

    Hello. I just recently bought a senn HD 448 and im enjoying them. I mostly play music through an ipod touch. I was just wondering, what would be the difference if I added an amplifier (and LOD) to my setup? Im new to this "audiophile" business. hehe
  22. louisb123

    Help choosing headphones.

    I want some new headphones and need a bit of help choosing which to buy.   They will be used on my laptop/ipod mostly for listening to music (Mostly Rap/RnB) and the ocasionally movie/TV show.   I'm looking to spend around £50, but can spend more if needed.   At the minute, I'm...
  23. SpaceKake

    Help with can selection

      So i need new cans, as an upgrade from my current HD 201's i listen to Djent, Psyc rock, D'n'B and Prog, so i want great bass, but i want great clarity at the same time ive got $70 Aud and managed to find MDR-V6's, HD448, HD 428, Harx700, MDR-XB500/700's Computer Card, Ipod, possibly...
  24. njunk

    Looking for a cheap pair of headphones

    Hey all, I've been lurking for a bit, but I really need some help. I have a nice pair of IEMs already, but wanted a pair of full sized headphones for around the house. I'm looking to spend around $50, listen to alternative and hard rock mostly but comfort is also a big deciding factor. Anyone...
  25. Shotor102

    Audio Technica ATH-M35

    So there's really not a whole lot been said about these headphones. They're sold at my Local Best-Buy and Future shop for $79.00, $53 online but apparently were about $135.00 when released retail.  I'm aware that Audio-Technica tends to boost their headphones with overpricing... And from...