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Looking for a headphone for my wife in the $50 to $100 price

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ridfighter, Nov 6, 2012.
  1. ridfighter
    Hi everyone, well here i am again after all of yall helping me buy the Denon d2000 and suggesting a fiio e11 amp, Thanks!! now i want to buy my wife a decent pair of headphones in the price range of $100, as for her preference, she likes it to be comfortable, not too heavy or too big, not too much noise leakage as she will be traveling a lot and does not like to disturb people and portable,
    she listens to all kinds of music but mostly R&B and hip hop and she does not want a headphone amp, so something that sounds good without an amp, she will be using her iphone as the source, I understand that there are a lot of criterea i am asking especially considering a limited budget, i do have to stress that she is not a audiophile so making her happy will not be too hard but i do want to get her headphones that she will love!! Thanks[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. RoMee Contributor
    Philips Downtown, that's the girliest headphone I know.
    Sounds pretty good too according to a random stranger on the internet named Tyll, and the bass is decent enough for hiphop
  3. ridfighter
    how about the audio technica ath-m50? i read the hype about these headphones and they are priced at $130 on amazon, will this be a good headphone for a woman? i appreciate the help
  4. Bee inthe Attic
    are you looking for a headphone that is strong enough for a man, but made for a woman?
    should we generalize and call all women dainty, wanting polite sounding pink cans? 
    from the preferences you stated, gender really has no play here, unless her specific aesthetic tastes call for something specific.
    the audio technica M50's are pretty good headphones for hip-hop and RnB, but I think they are worth about $100. if price doesn't really matter, these would be a good beginner choice for her, but there are others that are under or within your budget. i would recommend the audio technica M30's (less bass, not as bulky build, slightly smaller earcups) or the koss DJ100's or koss tonny bennett's (these are the same as the dj100's, but have a removable cable, and a carry case - they are also on sale at a store called tuesday morning, so look for them there). read reviews on each if you can. i'm pretty sure the iphone could drive them, but I couldn't say for sure since i don't use one.
  5. ridfighter
    its not because i want to generalise women, its because my wife sees me wearing my denon d2000 with a very long cord attached to a fiio e11 amp attached to a iphone!! i am sure i look ridicilous!!  and she says i dont want all that!! lol something simple!! nice over the head phones for 100 bucks!! thats all i am looking for
  6. Bee inthe Attic

    ath M30's = $40
    koss tony bennett = originally $90ish, currently on sale for $50
    also, check out the philips uptown & downtown, and CAL's (creative aurvana live).
  7. MalVeauX
  8. Bee inthe Attic

    all well over $100 (over budget even if used)
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    JVC HA-S500-Z (Gunmetal Gray), $76.99, only sold in Japan, but it's fast shipping.
    You can get different types of ear pads for them off eBay for around $15.
    Here is a Head-Fi thread dedicated to the HA-S500.
  10. mbamg
    Mic and volume control. Is plenty loud without an amp.
    They have Amazon and ebay stores (which does international shipping if you're not in the US) too.
  11. Roers
    I've been using some CAL!'s (creative aurvana live) got it used off amazon for 65.
    Pretty neat headphone.
  12. ridfighter
    how about the senn hd25? i see refurbished for like150, is that a good choice?
  13. p13rr0t
    how about sony xb500? or even xb300?
    They old and cheap enough to fit your budget, also i think that they will be a great choice for hip-hop, R&B music
  14. automaton
    This might not be a popular suggestion here, but my wife picked out the Klipsch Reference One for the same purposes and has been really happy with them.  I think they're fairly comfortable, easy to put on and take off, portable, and easy to drive.  I don't love the sound quality, but she does.  Paid $75 for them from WWstereo/buy-- I see them on sale for that price pretty routinely.  

    I tried the Sony listed above and did not find them comfortable.  
  15. ridfighter
    i will check them out, thanks

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