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Help replacing my Phiaton MS400

  1. Makaveli6103
    I have had these headphones for around a year and love the sound quality but they are not comfortable at all. I have smaller ears and the padding is not thick enough and my ears bottom out on the grill.  I was looking at the V-Moda M80 as a replacement pair or something else around that price if you guys have any suggestions.
  2. Doc-holliday
    Interesting... They are an on-ear headphone so in theory your ears should come nowhere near the grill. Sounds like you are using them more like an over ear with your smaller sized ears.

    The M80 has much smaller pads and might act more like a true on-ear headphone for you. You will notice a significantly lesser bass presence with the M80 vs the MS400.

    Sorry I say interesting above because I found the MS400 to be the most comfy on-ear headphone I have ever owned/used.

    You could consider a portable over ear for more comfort. I really liked the UE6000 in this regard. They have a similar bass quantity as your MS400 but with more refined highs IMO.

    Other on ear suggestions:

    Phillips Downtown
    B&W P5 (have a different type of pad all together, I found them to sound very good indeed with good comfort for the short time I had to try them)
  3. Makaveli6103
    No I am pretty sure they are circumaural headphone closed headphones that are over the ear.
  4. Doc-holliday

    I guess you are right just checked the specs. They didn't fit over my ears.

    In any case. I gave you several suggestions. No need to repeat them.
  5. Makaveli6103
    Yup Thanks though

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