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mom looking for gift for 11 yr old

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cbro94, Mar 25, 2013.
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  1. cbro94
    hi-  need some help finding a pair of headphones for my son-  dont really want to spend more that $75-100.-  i just cant stand him cranking his Ipod around the house anymore!! saw a pair of Monster Ncredible Ntune for around $50.00 on dealnews-but have no idea what is junk and what is good or if it even matters since i am looking at spending so little??!! please help  bday is coming soon!! thanks
  2. Greed
    If noise isolation/leakage is an issue then I would look into a few headphones that have a great value.
    If he wants a more bass heavy sound signature look at the CAL! (Creative Aurvana Live!). They are relatively cheap, sound great for the price, and isolate noise decently.
    If he likes rock music that has instruments and vocals, you might want to get him a pair of Shure SRH-440 or SRH-840. They are great all around headphones, much better than the Audio Technica ATH-M50s in my opinion.
    I would personally go with the Shure SRH-840, they are great for almost any genre of music, durable, sound great, and are inexpensive.
    Good luck! Hope this helps.
  3. ThinkAwesome
    The CAL's are quite fragile. I wouldn't suggest those for a kid. 
    As for the Shure headphones. The SRH840 is out of the specified budget, great headphones though. I personally think the Sony MDR-V6 is a better buy than the 440, they are built like tanks and have a similar sound signature, and are a bit cheaper. However, I would suggest none of these if your son likes bass (likely) since they are all neutral headphones, also, they don't look cool. 
    I would suggest:
    -Phillips Citiscape Downtown
    -Sony MDR-V55, MDR-XB500, MDR-XB600
    All have at least acceptable build quality, a good amount of good quality bass, and aren't ugly. 
  4. MattTCG
    Sorry but the cable on the Citiscape is fragile like a piece of tape almost. Otherwise it's a decent hp. I don't recommend it. For someone 16 and under who needs a durable, isolating, easy to drive headphone around $100 I'd like at the Audio Technica m50. It has good bass and the kids want that. Also comes in fashionable white if that is your thing.
  5. MusicTurtle
    Get him a used pair of DT 770's.
  6. HideousPride
    Agreed on the Citiscape, the cable is absolute crap to put it kindly. Does not stand up to wear and tear well.
    Not a huge fan of the M50 for a child due to the thick earpads being uncomfortable in heat and the headphones being heavy for portable use.
    If your son enjoys bass, the Crossfade LP could be worth a look. Durable, great style, and a definite step up from stock ibuds.
  7. ThinkAwesome
    Hmmm... I didn't really feel that the cord was fragile when I took my friend's Citiscape for a night. Is it really that fragile? 
    About the M50's. 
    -AT tweaked it to be a bit more neutral. 
    -The comfort issues would probably be less for a kid since they have smaller heads. 
    Crossfade LP. Seconded. 
  8. Greed

    CAL! aren't anymore fragile then the Downtowns would be. I also think we are speculating on what a "kid" in tales. At 11, durability isn't a HUGE issue, some durability is obviously needed.
    A used pair of SRH-840's go for under a 100 so, that would put them in the same boat as the DT 770. The Audio Tecnhicas were my first step into hi-fi so that may be a good choice.
  9. M-13
    "Look son I got your an AudioTechnica M50. I asked a bunch of audiophile nerds online and they recommended this."
    But I wanted a Beats Solo
    "No, no, those sound like crap and are not worth the asking price. Just ask all the audiophiles"
    But all my friends have Beats Solo
    "Yeah, but you can be different and smart and cool because your M50 will sound better. Just have your friends listen to it."
    That's not the point mom. I don't want to stand out. I want to have what everyone else has. It's about being cool, not about sound.
    So I guess my point is. Is your son a sound first type of 11-year-old? Or does he want a brand his friends will recognize?
    If he's more interested in sound. Then I would also recommend the Sony MDR-ZX700, or Sony 7506. A cheaper monitoring type of sound. If you can splurge more perhaps a V-Moda M80?
  10. Sound Quest
    Don't bother with Monster/Beat headphones. They're all marketing hype and don't deliver any real quality.
    If your son likes bassy music, then the Sony-MDR-XB500's are a good choice. They are comfortable and deliver real quality bass, unlike Monster/Beats.
    The pads go around the ear instead of on the ear, so he can wear them for decent periods of time, without feeling like his ears are on fire.
    They are currently going for $75 on Amazon.
  11. kcazbarach
    around $100?
    the m50 are like $10-15 more but
    ALWAYS buy any headphone from an authorized dealer (especially since you're starting off and don't know much, from the op)
    check their websites,
    there's alot of counterfeits out there for plenty of headphones- if the price is too good to be true, it might just be.
  12. Tsujigiri

    There are plenty of lower priced headphones that people like around here. As a general rule, avoid Monster, Beats, Skullcandy, SOL, Sync, etc. I'd recommend the Koss DJ100's. They're closed, so they won't leak too much sound, but they're very well-built and should be durable enough for your son's use. Koss also offers a lifetime warranty with their products. Creative, on the other hand, has a policy of hanging up on you if they think you're outside of the warranty period. Seriously. They won't even talk to you.
  13. beatsbydresuck3
    Sennheiser HD 439's on sale at BestBuy for $80 dollars.  Might want to check BestBuy online before you go pick them up though, they might not be in stock.  Also, I am assuming that your son doesn't mind over ear headphones, otherwise I can supply you with some smaller headphone suggestions.
  14. -xX-Mew-Xx-
    The Sony XB600 or XB900 are durable, cool and have nice bass and overall sound! :)
    I am only 14 so i know what kids like and i have a feeling he will like the style of the Sony headphones. Everyone here has suggested great headphones! The Sennheiser HD419 are even better if your son can keep em safe!
  15. justin w. Contributor
    if the sound of the iPod annoys you, make sure you get closed-back headphones
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