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Broken Sony XB600, need recommendation for new headphones (80-100 $).

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by boozzysbm, Jan 19, 2013.
  1. BooZZysbm
    I bought in octomber 2012 a pair of XB600. After a while, the synthetic leather on the earpads started to wear out, until about a fourth of it was peeling off the earpad. Since there's no way of glueing it back, I decided to rip it off completely. Little did I know that the synthetic leather was soundproof and it was the one thing directing the bass to my ears. Now, since it is gone, my XB600 are practically useless.
    Therefore, I need a recommendation for new headphones, rich in bass, for about 80-100 dollars, or 60-75 euros. Also, something not from sony, as xb400,xb600,xb800 all have the same type of earpads. Maybe an Sennheiser 439? Philips Citiscape downtown or Philips Oneill?
    Sorry for the possible mispelling of some words, I'm not from an english-speaking country.
    Any help is appreciated! :)
  2. TheJosablo
    Maybe Grado SR-80i, not completely bassy like the XB series as you will want but definetly worth it. open back wont get you isolation. Grado will give you a nice intro to the audiophile world.
  3. BooZZysbm

    First of all, thank you for your advice :) . Second of all, the grado sr80i are 30$ over my budget... maybe they are just priced differently over here. grado sr-60i are in the upper-limit of my budget.
    Meanwhile, i found a jbl j55, panasonic hxd5e, sennheiser k450, 239, 439. also, i own a pair of in-ear philips headphones of which i am really proud, so i'd like to take philips into consideration as well.
  4. TheJosablo
    Grado is a really good choice, go for Grado if possible. You won't regret it.
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Takstar Pro 80 (Gemini HSR-1000) closed headphones, $80.
  6. Bassheadspl
    You could call up Sony to inquire about if they sell replacement ear pads. Or instead get a pair of Sony XB500 headphones. I would prefer them over the XB600 anyway. The new XB line is just not as good as how the old line was.
  7. BooZZysbm
    hello and thank you for your recommendation, but this thread was posted a long time ago. i've managed to fix my xb600 like this: i've ripped the earpads completely and bought some cheap headphones (5$) and super glued the new earpads. to my surprise, they did their job excellently, and if the sony earpads were a 10, the new ones are an 8.5. also i bought a pair of sony's zx600 which are 10 times more comfy than the xb600 and produce a lot of bass (not as much as the xb though)
  8. Bassheadspl
    I am glad you fixed them.
  9. lukEM22
    I am selling a pair of XB500s if your interested. Only $40
  10. Bassheadspl

    Are they in good condition? Is there any wear on the leather ear pads?
  11. lukEM22
    They are in good condition. If you look in my signature I have a link to it that is a little more in-depth. I haven't touched them in ages, so they're in good condition. I would guess they have under 50 hours of use.

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