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Koss Portapro rattle

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by art191, Feb 24, 2006.
  1. art191
    The left speaker on my portapro's has developed a rattle/distortion on the lower frequencies, I use them with my mini-ipod. Sounds ok with other phones. Is it likely the driver is terminally ill, or could it be fixable? Maybe somebody out there has had the same problem?
  2. cire
    gotta love the lifetime warranty
  3. Peyotero
    Sometimes small hairs get threw the foam so the membrane rattles when the hair touches it. Try removing the foam and blow some air in it.
  4. art191
    Thanks Peyotero, I stripped off the foam and did as you suggested.......job done!!!
  5. EdipisReks
    the Koss 60 ohm phones share a lot of things with Grados, and the grattle is one of them. i'm glad you got it sorted out.
  6. VicAjax Contributor
    ah yes, the famous hair grattle. koss should mention it in the manual or something.
  7. delaril
    Just re-awakening this thread from the dead to thank you for the info. This problem has been bugging me for a few weeks but I didn't think of this until I did a search, and here I am -- rattle-free!
  8. Yukon Trooper
    Look for hair. I thought my KSC75's had started to fail until I realized it was just a hair in the driver. All good now!
  9. yale.reinstein
    My Grados never get this 'graddle' but my PortaPros used to every couple weeks... Should be called something else.
  10. bigbadbass
    Thanks! A load of my heart!

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