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Your Thoughts on a few Portable under-$70 Headphones

  1. huckfinn
    I've been enjoying my Denon 2000 with rockboxed ipods and a Meier Audio Move amp.
    Love their sound but.....they're suited for listening from a favored armchair and not at all to take out and about.
    I've come up with a list of under $70 portable ones and would like some advise from people who know these cans.
    Here it is:
    -JVC HA-S 160S Flats
    -KOSS KSC-75
    -KOSS PortaPro
    -JVC HA-S 400
    -JVC HA-S 500
    -JVC HA-S 650
    Ok, up to you now
    shoot and say what you think of them
  2. RoMee Contributor
    This one's easy, go with the S500.
  3. kova4a
    Yeah, the s500
  4. huckfinn
    Hi, thanks.
    ......Why so easy?
    ...and second best?
  5. kova4a
    Because you can't get better portable headphones than s500 for that money - that's why. Why would you ask for the second best when you can get the best? [​IMG]
  6. roscopervis
    Thirded - the s500's are the best. Second best would probably be the s400's, though I would probably give the porta pros a go. Lovely open, bassy and fun sound.
  7. huckfinn
    Thanks a lot for the advise on the s500 cans and also thanks roscopervis about suggesting to maybe give a go to the portapro as second best....in fact that's the reason why I asked: I had the "suspicion" that the koss ones could be close to the top:wink:.. @ Walkmanrocks: I think I could like the V80 but on amazon warehouse could only find the M80 at that price ..(??) But any other suggestion that's not on my "beginner's" list is certainly welcome. :)
  8. huckfinn
    Thanks walkmanrocks.. Well, if M80 and V80 are the same headphone, I'll go for it. You shure they better the other ones, right? I'm asking because I have now way of trying them over here....
  9. mosshorn
    The S500's are great, but I would buy the M80/V80's on build quality alone. They also sound pretty good too :)
  10. newphones
    The ksc75's are brilliant. They excel in every area but unfortunately the highs are a bit too hot for me.
    The portapros are outstanding, if you like a dark and bassy pair of headphones. Superb for rock and hiphop, but amazing also for movie listening and game playing. Very good for classical as well.
    The sportapros are similar to the portapros but they have a wamer sound signature since they produce a touch less bass. Also, I've read that they don't like to be pushed to extremely high sound levels but I consider this type of listening inadvisable in any event.
    I'd say spend $20 on the sportapros and be done with it.
  11. huckfinn
    Thanks to all for the details.
    For a start I posted a WTB thread here for the V-Moda.
    In the meantime I'll see today if I can try the Koss somewhere....not easy here in the good old South of France.
    They seem to be (I talk about the Porta pro/Sporta Pro) top of the list of the most liked/disliked in the entry level category.
    @newphones: I heard about the Sporta Pro: only thing is I don't quite like their "plasticky" look.......
    ..........if only the Denon 2000s weren't that bulky...!
    EDIT: Uh Oh!!! Didn't realize the VModa V80s for $87 on Amazon Warehousedeals was only for........a limited time
    they seem to be gone...ouch
  12. huckfinn
    Had the chance of listening to the Porta Pro all evening.
    For their price (just over 30$) they are very very enjoyable.
    Of course when compared to the Denon (bought them used for 200$).......[​IMG]
    But really really nice and light to wear. People around you don't much hear you listening also, despite their small size.
    QUESTION: The 45$ JVC HA-S500 would be much better, right?
    If yes....for those I would have to buy them sight unseen, 'cause here they only stock the HA-SR500 which seem an altogether different (worse) cans......

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