1. Lostlamb

    B&O Form 2 headphones

    Anyone heard these yet? I saw a set at the B&O store in downtown SF. They look cool!
  2. JoeDoe

    Porta Pro Mod: Do or Do Not?

    My brother and I both just received our first PortaPros, one from eBay and one from Amazon. Mine are the KTC with straight plug and his are the regular model with an L-shaped plug.    My question is: since the're so cheap, would upgrading through modding be worth it for us as unassuming...
  3. talelxpx

    Looking for 30$-40$ Portable(foldable or compact) Headphones

    Hello Im looking for portable (foldable or compact style) headphones with good soundstage,detail,bass,not harsh and comfort. i really liked the AKG k430 but theyre like 52$ inc shipping to my country(Israel) so looking for something simillar... Please give me advices, Thank you.
  4. JAgostoni

    On-ear headphones for kids <= $100

    I did a bit of searching through the forums and found some good advice on headphones and some older threads on headphones for kids. I thought I might try to be a little more specific about what I am looking for and get some opinions. I am looking for a set of headphones for my 7yo daughter to...
  5. swaffleman

    The new Bose "True Sound" on ears...

    First off, I did a search and didn't see any threads about this, so don't skewer me if this has been talked about before...   Anyway, I noticed that there is yet another version of the Bose on ears out. I did some listening and bought them, since I was rather surprised at their sound in the...
  6. donisan69

    Searching for lightweight headphones and BT adapter with controls..

    The title says it all, some years ago I had Sennheiser PX-100 in white, and loved them very much, but didn't have much listening time, as I'm more into speakers, then a headphones, so eventually I sold them because of that. As for today, I'm again into search, as I discover new stuff pretty...
  7. Viber

    Can the PX200 pads fit AKG K26P (=AKG K414)

    Hey guys,   So after 7 years the pads on my trusty AKG K26P are completely ruined. I tried to get a replacement pads but the cheapest ones are like 10$ (for a 30$ cans!) and i wasn't so crazy about the original pads anyhow.   Then i came across the Senheiser PX200\100 pads...
  8. cate1898

    Comparing my QC15's & PX200's & HD228's...makes me want yet another pair!

    I was listening to my new Bose QC15's which I primarily bought for the NC.  Decided to compare my 3 pair of over the head headphones.  Bose QC15's, Sennheiser PX200's, and Sennheiser HD228's.     I was very surprised to hear that my PX200's were substantially better in sound quality than my...
  9. erikzen

    Aiwa XP-500

    I knew it was around here someplace... I just found my old portable CD player. It's an Aiwa XP-500 manufactured in June 1995. I quickly listened to it from the headphone jack and from the line out using my Super Mini V4, my PX200s and my PortaPros. It sounds pretty good but I don't have time...
  10. Mike Walker

    Pocket-sized, on-ear closed-back headphones, with good bass and smooth sound

    I have used the Koss PortaPro, and it's variants, for more than 30 years. But, as small as it is, it doesn't fold flat for shirt-pocket carrying. And it's open-back, so there's no sound isolation.   I'm looking for a closed-back alternative, with bass response at least as good as the PortaPro...
  11. markl

    REVIEW: 3 Closed Portables Compared—AKG K81 DJ, Audio Technica ES5 & Sennheiser PX200

    REVIEW: 3 Closed Portables Compared—AKG K81 DJ, Audio Technica ATH-ES5 & Sennheiser PX200 Pricing Sennheiser PX200: Street Price: ~$50-$60. Audio-Technica ATH-ES5: List Price (in USA): $169. Street price (imported from Far East): ~$90-$110. AKG K81 DJ: List Price: $99. Street Price...
  12. coolestguyever

    Best headphones to wear while sleeping?

    What would be the most comfortable while still good sounding headphones I could get to use while trying to sleep? Right now I have a pair of Sennheiser PX200's, and although they have a decent amount of padding they're still not at all comfortable. I'm thinking ear buds might be the way to go...
  13. astroid

    Sennheiser HD228 initial thought

    Ok got these last night and have burnt them in over night, been listening for 4 hrs so far today , heres what i think.... The build is very good, hard plastic and all connections look solid, i think they will take a beating in your bag, they DONT fold just in case you thought they were PX200...
  14. Langrath

    Your biggest headphones dissappointment?

    Sometimes I have bought headphones that were a big disappointment. I had expected better. My biggest disappointment until now was Sennheiser PX200. How could Sennheiser produce headphones nearly totally clean from bass? What is your biggest disappointment of headphones? Georg
  15. garboui

    Recommend me some in-ear/inner-ear everydays

    Currently my two main headphones that I go between are PX200's and some v-moda vibes. I like both sonically but each has their strengths. The vmodas do a good job at the lower end but i find they can become a bit fatiguing. The px200's otoh are so subdued that they never fatigue (aside from...
  16. swaffleman

    The original PX 200 > PX 200iis.

    I have both...needless to say. Anyway, I had the original PX 200s first. Then I ended up getting the 200 iis in Poland. I came across a shop dedicated to selling nothing but headphones in the town of Katowice. They had the 200 iis, so I got them.    I've been doing some side by side...

    Picture of px100 or px200 drivers.

    could someone with px100's or px200's post a picture of the drivers? doesn't have to be too extreme, just remove the pads and snap a picture.
  18. meepror

    KSC-75, iGrado or PX100/200?

    Which do you reckon performs best? Which do you reckon leaks the least sound? Which do you reckon is most comfortable? Admission: I have a rather big head with lots of hair on top.
  19. GarageBoy

    PX100 sound- but no foam ear pads?

    What sounds close of the PX100 but doesn't use foam ear pads? (I'm okay with Grado style pads, but the Sennheiser PX100 type make my ears itch like nuts) Trying to keep it under $80.
  20. Masquerade1

    Portable H.P choice

    I am interested in purchasing some portable H.P for use when running around town.   Narrowed them down to these 4   Senn PX 200II AKG K430 Beyerdynamic DTX300P Audio Technica ES7   From what I read on head-fi the K430s seem to have a durability issue with paint flacking off...
  21. X14Halo

    on ear headphones that don't leak alot

    I am very interested in the PX100's but they leak a bit at high volume from what I have seen. I do not want in ear headphones because they are uncomfortable after a while, and I'd like to stay away from over ear headphones unless they are very portable and comfy. Anything close to the PX100's in...
  22. no1likesme

    Sony DR-5A

    LINK does anyone know anyting about these cans? would they be worth picking up?
  23. michaelenzo

    Would grado-sr60 hold up to gym wear?

    Hey guys, I am new and looking for a new headphone for daily carry and gym use, I have gone through many pairs with bad durability.   After some research I am interested in the grado-sr60/grado ms1, but cannot find any information about their durability for every day carry and gym use...
  24. mpkelley20

    Need help - Conflicting needs/wants for newbie

    Hi, I've visited the forum for years to get information on headphones but just joined today as I've run into an issue that I need help with.  I can no longer use my trusty Etymotic ER4P's according to my doctor as they are trying to eliminate any and all issues that might be contributing to my...
  25. REDH0RN

    Need Phones with < Bass Than Porta-Pros

    I never thought I would say such a thing  . My Porta-Pro cans still sound good to me and can be driven nicely directly from my BlackBerry. But, I now desire a pair with a more natural presentation. Requirements are:   A) Not more than $80   B) Not more than 4ft cord and terminating in...