1. ErdemInce

    40 Dollar

    I need a 30-50 dollar suggestion for a headphone /iem . Im getting a HD598 and I need another piece for outside use , something with good performance/price . I was going to  get ha-s500 but accessoryjack doesnt sell them . Help !
  2. derackles

    Best option for Portable listening Headphones (JVC HA-S500, ATH-ES500, AKG K518)

    Hello, gonna get cheap portable headphone but im in debate, might be around 60-100$, but problem is going to order on amazon, dont have a chance to try them before buy, so im really picky at this point.  Mostly gonna listen drone, shoegaze, rave, electro punk on ipod, so here is my list of...
  3. 3

    Budget Headphones

    Hey guys, I'm a new person here on the head-fi forums. But anyways I'm here today to ask "What is the best headphones for under $50?" I listen to electronic music (edm, Dubstep, Chillstep), things that are within that genre. Oh and I would like to buy them from amazon. So basically I'm asking...
  4. Erwan

    Need Some Help

    Hello guys, sorry for bothering you again, but this is a site for headphones. For this third thread I will restart from the beginning so everyone know what I am looking for. I am currently in High School (15) and I m looking for new headphones. The ones I am using now are the Sony MDR-ZX600...
  5. GabeGz

    Higher quality headphone cord/cables compatible with SOL Republic tracks

    Im new to the audiophile scene so i dont know much haha. Im getting the SOL Republic Tracks HD but want to get a higher quality cable for them. Tracks have dedicated lines for the right and left cans that are both detachable so im not sure what cords could work with them and i definitely dont...
  6. B

    Portable music player

    I'm searching a portable music player for a friend: - He has about €200 (250$) to spend on both (closed) headphones (also for notebook and other use) and the music player. Might be a bit more if it is much better. - Only for music listening, at least 20GB+ on storage. - Something portable...
  7. Mike Walker

    Pocket-sized, on-ear closed-back headphones, with good bass and smooth sound

    I have used the Koss PortaPro, and it's variants, for more than 30 years. But, as small as it is, it doesn't fold flat for shirt-pocket carrying. And it's open-back, so there's no sound isolation.   I'm looking for a closed-back alternative, with bass response at least as good as the PortaPro...
  8. andreamang

    Which headphone around 120€?

    Good morning guys. After selling my JVC HA-S500 very uncomfortable because I'm looking for a headset to use at home to replace my CAL. I would like a circumaural headphones...maybe a best-buy!!! I am satisfied with CAL but I want a better headset ... a little bit more dynamic and with a...
  9. Superfluous10

    Are your ears parallel?

    I may be wrong, but I think most peoples' ears are not parallel but instead angled. Why are most headphone cups parallel? I bought the momentum on ear headphones but I think I'm going to have to return them since my left ear hurts after wearing for a little while since they press on my ears at...

    JVC S500, disapointed with all the Hype.

    Paid 70 usd with taxes and shipping fee (50 usd product + 14 usd shipping + taxes). I really don't think this is worth 70 usd. I would pay something like 30 USD plus shipping on them (compared to my other headphones).   My other headphones: Sennheiser HD-25 Creative Aurvana Live KSC-75...
  11. goldenSHK

    If you had one chance to recommend a gateway can into audiophilia to someone, what would be your choice?

    So, I usually take my Ultrasone Pro 900 everywhere with me and some of my friends have been really impressed with the sound. They have been pretty open about upgrading from their apple earbuds/$10 headphones, but most of them aren't ready or care enough yet to purchase $150+ cans. I wanted to...
  12. niv141

    Budget headphones for a basshead ($50)

    Hey there, Ive been browsing in the internet and mostly in this forum to find a headset suitable for my needs but really couldnt find anything that completely suit my needs, and right now I have a big headache seeing all these names and brands of headphones and "Do I want these" and "Do I want...
  13. jlbrach

    Does it make sense to use a headphone amp with aK120 without the modification using headphone jack?

    I own the AK120 and am wondering if people use a quality headphone amp without modifying the 120?I understand the concept of the modification but am interested in peoples opinion regarding the use of an amp with headphones or IEM's that are not very efficient and require amplification!Is the...
  14. jawnn

    cheap but good head phones??

    Can anyone tell me if these have reasonably good base and if they are going to fall apart right away or not?       JVC HARX500 Over-the-Ear Headphones     Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over-Ear Binaural Headphones       Koss UR-20 Home Headphones ??
  15. avrahams1

    Moding JVC HA-S500-Z for over-ear

    Hey,   I'm about to buy a new gaming PC, and for the sound I'll use the HA-S500-Z headphones.   As I understand it, there's a way to mod them so they'll be more comfortable by replacing the earpads with over-ear pads. The thing is, I'm pretty much a noob as far as headphones are concerned...
  16. Psxsage

    Best Headphones under 60$ USD More specific Details inside.

    Looking for the best Headphones i can buy at 60 $ USD or less a bit more specific information to help you all help me.   1. I hate anything In ear   2. Durability is important (As much as can be expected at this price level)   3. Mostly will be used for Gaming on the go/Heavy Rock music  ...
  17. zazex

    JVC Victor HA-S500 Silver - Carbon Nanotubes - NEW IN THE BOX - $49.00 SHIPPED!

    New in the box. I bought 2 pair; I'm using one of them.   Great sounding headphones with carbon nanotube technology.   Have been receiving excellent reviews on Head-Fi and elsewhere.     Silver earcups, the rest of the headphone is black.   49.00 Shipped.   PM or email to...
  18. hawth33

    Best headphones under $80 that come in white

    I am looking to purchase some cans for my fiancee as we are about to have multiple flights, each several hours long. She really likes the look of white headphones. Her genres consist of pop, country, rock, and some hip-hop. Closed headphones would be the best, with a decent amount of bass. Over...
  19. dakanao

    Philips Citiscape Uptown vs. Creative Aurvana Live!

    Which one is the better one and why? I'm listening to rap/hiphop, so I want a tight punchy bass with good impact. But mids and highs also should sound very clear. I also want really clear vocals.
  20. vvaisakh2006

    JVC HA S500 - Best headphone under $100?

    Is JVC HA S500 the best headphone under $100?? I am gonna get it for $51 and is it really worth for $51? or are there any other good quality headphones that are available at this price?   Device : Laptop Genre : Soft,Rock Requirement : Volume n Quality..
  21. hlhowns

    What are some of the better Headphones for EDM and Hiphop/Rap in sub $200 range

    I do like bass and I do enjoy the female vocals quiet a bit.  Thanks for you assistance!
  22. sohcahtoa

    FS: JVC Victor HA-S500-Z On-Ear Headphones (Gun Metallic) with upgraded Sennheiser Velour Earpads - Like New!

    I have owned these for about 6 months, but want to upgrade to something different. They really do look new with no imperfections, and have been burned in 25-30 hours already. Here is the head-fi product review landing page. In addition, I am also including these Senneheiser 69417 Velour...
  23. Gorillaz

    SOLD-Panasonic SL-CT470 CD Player

    Selling Panasonic SL-CT470  considered one of the last good cd players manufactured, it's made in Japan and it's has a line-out, this model imposible to find, sale does not  includes the JVC SA500 headphones!   price is firm and does not include paypal fees and shipping, Thanks!
  24. Gorillaz

    Panasonic SL-CT470 CD Player and JVC HA-S500 headphone

    Selling Panasonic SL-CT470 and JVC HA-S500 headphone, the CD player is considered one the last good cd players manufactured, it's made in Japan and it's has a line-out, this model imposible to find, the headphones you will find a lot of info about it here in headfi.   price is firm and does...
  25. xkonfuzed

    JVC HA-S500 Paint Job (First DIY experience)

    Well, i kind of but not really sort of succeeded in my first DIY experience. I did make some minor errors here and there, so try to learn from my mistakes. Nevertheless, it was fun. No regrets .   Materials used:    1 Blue spray paint.    A heck load of papers and tissues.   A newspaper...