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portable onear that hits harder than m80 and s500? maybe vektr or dna?

  1. sofastreamer
    come on guys, there must be an onear design out there, that has microphone cable and is able to dig as hard as lets say an mh1c. what about the new monster line (not beats!) ? can any of them compete with m80 and s500 but give some more rumble?
  2. bubsdaddy
    I have always found IEMs more involving then on ears.
  3. sofastreamer
    should have written it: cannot use iems anymore. 
  4. bubsdaddy
    My wife has the Diamond Tears and I think it sounds great but I still would choose the sound signature of the M80. I also really like the B&W P5 but I'm not sure it would suit what you are looking for. Could you give an example of what you mean by "hits harder?"
  5. sofastreamer
    bass on both is not deep enough. i like a little more rumble. oh, and good instrument separation is a must also. 
  6. ZARIM
    The Ultrasone closed headphones like Pro900 are very good if need deep reverbing punchy bass(more than M80) and they comes with S-Logic technology which makes music more like surround sund(huge surround sound soundstage) and they offers very good instruments separation.
  7. sofastreamer
    i want on ear, not over ear and my brain is not compatible with slogic

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