new headphones needed: stylish, good sound quality, around $110
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Hi guys, so i've been a member of this forum for a long time but i haven't had a headphone purchase in a while.... in the past i've had the m50 and a few sennheisers which all came from recommendations from this forum so i'm back to get some more advice.  I noticed that I go on trips 4-5 times a year and i don't have any over the ear headphones that i can bring with me.... so getting to the point, this is what i'm looking for :
stylish headphones(diff ppl have diff tastes so this is a hard criteria but i thought i'd just list it anyways)
portable(has to be able to be carried around, i am never going to use it at home)
great sound quality(this is a given)
around $110(budget can change but i'd like it to be under)
some that i've been looking at are SOL republic tracks HD, and sony xb500...... any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys again.
EDIT: sorry forgot to add my preferred music, i listen to exclusively pop, rap, electro-house(this the most)
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I like the sound from my JVC HA-S500 folding headphones. cost me $76
(JVC HA-S500-Z Gunmetal Gray).
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+1 for the JVC HA-S500-Z's, I have those as well and they are an excellent portable for your music style.

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Really bad example, dude in the picture has a pointed head and he has changed the pads to something way larger than the stock pads.

My daughter had mine on this weekend and they looked nothing like that on her.

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