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Good portable and foldable headphones under $100

  1. JSchwage
    Hey all,
    I am currently bringing my Sennheiser HD 555's to work every day and it's definitely less than ideal as they're quite large. I'm looking for a sub-$100 set of cans which will be very portable. I'd prefer a set that folds. A good reference set of cans for what I'm looking for would be the AKG K450. I've heard mixed reviews about those (and most of AKG's budget cans) so I'm wondering if there's anything better out there.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'd prefer open back but I can do closed if I have to. Thanks!
    Also, I listen to mostly rock and hip hop if that helps any. I will be using a FiiO E17 as my amp.
  2. sofastreamer
    jvc ha-s500
  3. fatcat28037 Contributor

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