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Help me find some bass heavy IEMs for under 150!

  1. arctyler
    I just got some ATH-M50's but they are too much of a pain to carry all around, and I need something more portable like IEMs, but I want them to have a punch like the ATH-M50s or better, and they have to be under 150, I'd prefer them to be the ones that don't go around the ear but it doesn't matter that much, just id perfer it, what do you recommend?
  2. Seekky
    JVC HA-S500.
    check out the thread.
    EDIT: oops IEMs.
  3. Seekky
  4. nihontoman
    XB90EX -  bassiest I've heard and still much cleaner and non-obtrusive sounding than many others...
  5. nok18
    CKS77, get it on amazon for $45
  6. jant71
    Those could possibly be fakes. Maybe substitute the replacement CKS77X...
    Or even the CKS99 which is around US $95 or so.
  7. arctyler
    Id get the XB90EX but they look so, different and weird, I'm mostly going to use these in public and I'm not really sure if I really like them
  8. arctyler
    Is the monster turbines any good? there in my price range at $100 bucks, and i've heard some good things about the bass... I really like the sennheiser IE 8 but there wayyyy over my price at
  9. ZARIM
    The GR07 are very good sounding yet offers pretty good punchy bass and wider soundstage(highly recommended) and GR07 bass edition version is also avalable too. UE TF10Pro, Klipsch Image X10 are another great bassy IEMs and shows lots of hidden details in music and they has wider soundstage.
  10. arctyler
    The GR07 looks pretty nice, but its not in my price range, there 180 on amazon, any idea where i could get them any cheaper?
  11. arctyler
    I found the bass edition to be the same price on ebay, theres none on amazon, but its coming from hong kong
  12. nok18
    Amazon are selling fakes?
  13. arctyler
    I bought fake stuff on amazon before, they try not to sell fake stuff but sometimes they can't tell
  14. xaddictionx
    Can check out the Hippo VB and Yamaha EPH 100 too.
  15. kaixax555
    EPH100 would be a good choice at the price range

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