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Good headphones with good bass

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bdashrice, Jan 23, 2013.
  1. Bdashrice
    Im looking for headphones ($100 or under) that have good sound quality but more bass oriented. I dont want only quantity in the bass but quality also. I have no specific headphones in mind so I'm open to all suggestions
  2. squallkiercosa
    Search for: 100$ headphones and see the results. 
  3. SmOgER
    Creative Aurvana Live! should suit you the best.
    But if sound isolation is trully important for you and you know how to use EQ, then you can look at carbon JVC's S500 or S600 (cheaper than S500, easier to get, also more comfortable, true over-ears, but needs more EQ (recessed mids)).
  4. RJ Smooth
    You could definitely try out the Sony XB500's. For cans under $100, these definitely have the most powerful and deep bass. The mids and trebles are also balanced, but the bass is slightly overpowering, but not to the point where you won't hear anything else. If you are leaning more towards sound quality, you should try out the Panasonic HTF600. These cans have very nice bass and have better Mids/highs than the XB500s.
    Best wishes
    RJ ~
  5. SmOgER
    Actually XB500 are basshead's cans and these have recessed mids and highs to a noticable degree, and it's overblown bass is obviously more about quantity than quality. 
  6. lanlord
    Creative Aurvana Live sounds like what you want
  7. Levaix
    OMOO (Odd Man Out's Opinion): Ultrasone HFI 450

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