1. jigglywiggly

    Sealed headphones under 100$, a bit bassy and comfy?

    So I had the dt-770s and they broke. They were very comfy, and they sealed okay.   I currently have the takstar hi-2050s, and they sound nice, but they are open.     I know about the takstar pro 80 headphones, but they will take forever to be delivered.   Any other headphone...
  2. 1

    Sony MDR-V6-like IEMs?

    Long story short: Love the MDR-V6. Love absolutely everything about it. Durability, comfort, sound signature, etc. I use them everywhere.   Only problem is, they're just a bit troublesome to carry everywhere sometimes. So I'm looking for an IEM to match them.   Are there any affordable...
  3. sonelone

    Under $100 Headphones for Listening to All Kinds of Music

    I need advice for a pair of headphones to get for under $100. I've been considering the ATH-M30, MDR-V6, HA-RX700/900, Creative Aurvana Live, and HD280s. I listen to pretty much every genre of music. Anybody have recommendations? Headphones I haven't listed are fine too.
  4. jenriquenunez

    over ear cans for or under 80 (closed)

    Looking for my first headphones and my budget is around 80 bucks They need to be over ear closed and that dont fall off from ur head, i listen to a variety of music like linkin park but some pop r&b dubstep please any help will be appreciated
  5. roguegeek

    Importing headphones...

    I've decided to grab the Sony MDR-1R, but the only version sold in the US is the black/red version and I've made a huge mistake of falling in love with the silver/brown one. Looks like there are plenty of eBay stores that carry them in Japan and Canada. What are everyone's thoughts on importing...
  6. MrViolin

    Sony Fan Club!

    So guys, mind telling me why there isn't a Sony fan club? I'm pretty sure there are some sony fans out there, just wondering why I haven't seen one.  There seem to be ultrasone, grado, and fan clubs for specific phones though.    If you could tell me, thanks!
  7. Ezio

    Good Portable Sony Headphones $50-$150

    hey guys!   Just asking, ay suggestions on Sony headphones within  the $50-$150 price range? if so. thanks!
  8. Jtom94

    What is the best travel headphone for $20

    I have 1, uno, just a single $20 bill in my hand that I want to spend on portable headphones. This $20 limit is unbreakable. I study a lot at Starbucks and often times the music in the lobby is too loud and it distracts me even when I have my $10 Sony earbuds playing. My earbuds are overpowered...
  9. Noamit

    What should I buy? classical music ~100$

    Hi guys, I despertly need an help.  I'm looking for a budget headphones, 100 $ max (including amp if needed). I hear mostly classical music, mainly orchestral but some piano and vocal as well. In addition, it should have a fine isolation, since I listen to my music almost only in loudy...
  10. zxvadsf

    Over the ear headphone with closed/semi open acoustic for computer use ?

    Hi   I am a regular computer user. I have a sound blaster x-fi titanium HD sound card . I need advice on getting best optimal sound over the ear headphones. I am not very interested in bass or treble sounds . just general music listening, movies and english voice listening. Also I need...
  11. korewest

    I miss my old headphones, HELP!

    I used to have my beloved headphones called AKG K840 KL However, after being let down by the lack of bass in those headphones, I decided to sell them. Now as I continue to pursue my enthusiasm for headphones, I miss the treble extension and the bright sparkly details in my old AKG cans...
  12. mitan14

    Decent studio monitoring headphones for ~£100 ??

    Hi,   I'm looking for some circumaural monitoring headphones for around the £100 price point.    Out of interest, what are some recognised brands for these types of headphones?   Cheers
  13. zombie medic

    best headphones for under $100 for a friend

    hey everyone i think iv convinced my friend to step up his "audio set up" (five dollar ear buds) to some decent headphones! i hope that maybe this will introduce him into the audiophile world perhaps. iv been think of recommending him a mdr-v6 (mainly because that was my first decent headphone)...
  14. QuestionsGalore

    Advice: Durable Headphones

    I need to get new headphones, and could use some advice.  What I'm looking for are durable (most important part) on/over ear headphones with good sound quality that aren't too bass heavy.  I don't really care how good they look, in fact I'd prefer them to look plain, so there is a smaller chance...
  15. nofarewell


    Hi All,  I'm interested in your opinion about old Sony headphones in terms of their sound. Is the original CD900 purchaseable btw? I'm really interested in that 40 mm diamond coated diaphragm. I will choose a headphone in a couple of months and I would prefer Sony for the matter - but I need...
  16. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Thumping, Heavy bass headphones under $100

    I've been looking for bass heavy headphones for a month and I need some help. I cant spend more then 100. I dont mind if the bass messes up the meds and highs. Thanks.
  17. liuk

    Comfortable, inexpensive all-round closed headphones for office use: a request with few alternatives.

    Hey guys, I am a normally-headed human being, with slightly bigger ears than usual and glasses. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii, super-awesome but really uncomfortable. I travel very often for work and they are amazing in isolating aircraft sounds and noisy people, but sitting...
  18. cian114

    Looking to upgrade

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of cans. I've been using a Sennheiser HD428, but I I am no audiophile (yet), and I need some advice. I've been checking out a couple of headphones; Sony mdr v6 or 7056's, shure 440's. Among these which would you recommend, or if there are other sets that I can check...
  19. vivalacarlo

    Should I get the Koss ProDJ100 or the sony mdr-v6?

    They seem to be similar prices in amazon so i thought comparing the two was appropriate. I have owned the xb500s so i think i am a basshead. So i think that is one thing to consider, and also from owning the xb500 i am annoyed at how big it is so i am looking for something portable. 
  20. staxxx

    Simple survey on popular headphones

    Hi, I've been wanting to purchase more headphones to add to my collection and rather than ask details about the sound, I thought that this method may get me responses faster and I can use it as reference for some future purchases. I own all the headphones in my sig, except Stax, but one...
  21. dakanao

    What are some of the best maximum $80 over-ear headphones that don't leak much?

    My maximum budget is $80, and I want some crisp and clear neutral sounding over-ear comfortable headphone with not TOO much bass, but still quite a lot of bass. They also shouldn't leak a lot. I want to have them on my head for 2 hours, and they shouldn't hurt my ears or head. I own a AKG K540...
  22. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    What made you join

    I was just wondering how everyone became apart of Head-Fi! I was trying to find my first good over ear and i found this. I was a little confused with the terms being used but once my inventory grew i became for fond of this site and now know all the terms :) I am still a junior-audiophile...
  23. Povell42

    Best Budget Closed Cans around $50 + or -

    So, I currently have the ATH-AD900x and really like them. However, I am looking for a good budget can that is closed for better isolation and bass.  I am not really focused on quantity of bass but more quality strong bass.    I am just starting my headphone collection and since I just bought...
  24. fallingyuki

    Is "future proof" in Head-Fi's dictionary?

    After looking at some headphones (sub £150) I noticed something which is probably wrong but I thought I'd ask. On this forum and a few others, people seem to perpetually recommend the same headphones for years, I don't know why but speculate it is either because manufacturers aren't making newer...
  25. Catharsis

    Sony MDR-V6 driver Myth

    Hi all,   A lot of discussion tends to ensue regarding the differences between the MDR-V6 and the MDR-7506 and the common answers based on part numbers between both models have been:   a) the outer earcups are embossed with either V6 w/ red "for digital" sticker, or 7506 w/ blue...