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Suggestion for (small) headphones while on the train and a lot of walking.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by farhan, Dec 28, 2012.
  1. farhan
    Hello, I'm a university student and I was looking to get headphones to get before the Spring semester starts. I will be wearing them on the train and also while walking (which I have to do a lot of), so I need them to be the ear-bud kind, not the big over the ears ones. I currently use the Sony MDR-V6 and am loving it.
    What I need:
    - They have to be the small kind,
    - Something that doesn't pop out of the ears easily while walking and moving around,
    - Be able to pump out deeper than average bass without losing the mids and highs. (Yes, I REALLY like bass, but NOT the muddled/"cool" kind of bass)
    BIG pluses:
    - Cord as long as the ones that come with iPhones/iPads,
    - No tangling of cord,
    I listen to trance and progressive. A huge fan of Armin van Buuren's mixes, for example.
    Design-wise, I'm not quiet sure how to explain it, but I would prefer them to be something that fit into the curvature of my ears, or perhaps the kind that are supported by the back and top of the ears. I get ultra annoyed when the little iPhone ear-buds pop out or feel loose, this would be unacceptable with the ones I get.
    Thank you for your help!
  2. DocTavia
    If you're looking for portables or IEMs/earbuds, you can ask over at the portables subforum just under this one, but if you are looking for portable full-sized headphones, I'll let other make the recommendations.
  3. farhan
    Oh, sorry! I somehow looked over that forum. I will look through the following buying guide on that forum to learn more about these kind of headphones. Thanks!
  4. DocTavia
    No problem friend. [​IMG]

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