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3 Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mark333, Feb 8, 2013.
  1. mark333
    For the past few weeks I was really intent on getting one of the higher end more "refined" headphones.  After a lot of pondering, I decided that I may be getting ahead of myself.  Maybe I don't want one refined, technically superior headphone.  I think since this is my first step info the audiophile world, I can't really appreciate that yet, but in time I will.  I think now I just want to explore and have fun.  So I'm looking for three different sets of headphones that would pretty much have me covered for all the genres I listen too.
    For my mid and treble centric music, I'm thinking about getting the HD598.  I'm just starting to get into classical and I think these would be a good first step.  I also play competitive fps on Xbox, and these are supposed to be great for that.
    I listen to a lot of genres but I LOVE my rock and roll, and from my readings Grados are the way to go if you want that front row concert feeling.  These would be my more fun and agressive headphone.  I'm looking to get either the 60i or 80i.  I've read nothing but positive things about the 60i, but I keep reading that when people get the 60i they usually upgrade quickly to the 80i.  Why is that?
    Now this is the part that I mainly need help with, a bass centric headphone.  What I'm looking for is a headphone that isn't so overly powerful in the bass department that the mids and treble is overshadowed but has enough bass to thump nicely without any EQ, but then with some help from EQ is able to give me that rumble in the cup feeling.  So to put it in different terms I'm looking for a headphone that, with no EQ added, has quick, clean, but thumping bass (that is also well extended and goes deep) that doesn't put down the mids and treble too much, but with some added EQ it turns into a sloppy, rumble, less tight bass that is just fun to listen too.  Basically this would replace my 598 when I wanted to still hear the mids and treble but I would want some more bass.
    Some headphones I have in mind for this application is the DT990 Pro, Sony MDR-V6, CAL!.
    Other Info:  I don't care for isolation at all.  I would like for these to be fairly easy to drive.  I have a $650 budget, and I'm not sure if after I buy these I will have enough money to buy a really good amp and dac, other than a fiio maybe.  The music I listen too is (in order of quantity) rock, electronic/dub, pop, classical, orchestral/instrumental (mainly from OST's).
  2. wolfetan44
    Get a Hifiman HE-400 and a Schiit Magni/Modi. Great combo right there.
  3. mark333
    Would the HE-400 give me the HD598's forward treble and mids, the fun Grado signature sound, and has the type of bass that I described? That would be pretty amazing if it did all that.
  4. wolfetan44
    Yes. The mids are known to be amazing since it is an ortho. Also the bass is great.
  5. mark333
    It is an open backed so I'm a bit sceptical.  If it's the type of high quality audiophile bass then I don't know if I'd be interested in it.  And I don't think anything out there sounds like a Grado....
    Like I said, I don't know think I can really enjoy one high quality, top of the line headphone right now.  Thats why I'm looking for three different headphones to satisfy me.
  6. mark333
  7. wolfetan44
    Why can't you enjoy high quality bass??
  8. bareyb
    If you want good bass, a closed back phone is the way to go. I personally LOVE the Ultrasone 900. It has the low impedence you are looking for and has Excellent bass with very good upper and mid details. Great for Rock. Got some vintage Ozzie (Bark at the Moon) on 'em right now. They are AWESOME and you won't get better separation and spacial quality from any other closed back headphone. 

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