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new headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by regnox, Oct 16, 2012.
  1. Regnox
    hi! I'm kind of new to headphones and i would like to know, what would be a good pair of headphones for me. I will use them to listen on my phone to a lot of music but mostly metal (in public so preferably a closed pair) and also on my pc that will have a xonar stx as the sound card. 
    ps: sorry if my english is weird i'm swiss (=
    thanks for the help.
  2. NA Blur
    Please answer the following questions:
    1.)  What is your budget?
    2.)  Will you be listening to them in public such as in a library?  On a train?
    3.)  Is style or sound quality most important?
    That will help us give better recommendations.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Do you have a budget for the headphones?
    Sony MDR-V6 headphones, with Beyerdynamic EDT 200/250 V Velour ear pads.
    Your English seems fine.
    But I do feel sorry for you with your country's high prices.
  4. Regnox
    1.) my maximum budget is about 200 dollars although some pairs probably won't be available here...
    2.) Yes i would use them in the train a lot.
    3.) I absolutely don't care about style as long as it has good sound quality and is confortable.
    yeah the prices are high but it's livable 
  5. Regnox
    oh and thanks for the replies
  6. Regnox
  7. NA Blur
    I suggest either the Sennheiser HD-25-1-ii or the styling V-Moda M80 ( white or black ).  Both of these are very good sounding headphones and isolate pretty well.  The V-Moda headphones definitely have more style and sound slightly better than the HD-25-1-ii, but the V-Modas have emphasized bass.  If you want neutral go with the HD-25-1-ii.  If you prefer a little more low end go with the V-Moda M80.  Keep in mind these are sealed on-ear headphones so if you think they will be uncomfortable perhaps avoid them.  I found them comfortable personally.
  8. MattTCG
    This is good advice.^^
    Would you consider an IEM?
  9. Regnox
    I'll be looking at those headphones and i won't buy iem because they make my ears hurt which is extremely anoying.
  10. Regnox
    ok so the v-moda is way to expensive where i live and the sennheiser are catching my attention. 
    Do you have any ideas for an over ear headphone as well?
  11. JohnLD
    I recommend either the Sennheiser HD 439's or Sennheiser HD 449's if you want comfort, as well as good acoustics, vivid highs and nice mids.. the lows are nice too. If you want them to be better for sound and if you want to make sure no one can hear your music, I would say go with the Ultrasone HFI 450 or the Ultrasone HFI 580 if you are willing to spend a little bit more. 
    Best of luck,
  12. Regnox
    well i think i'm going to buy the hd 449 because i can get it for a pretty low cost so i think i'm going to get that!
    thanks a lot for all the help!
  13. Regnox
    Hello, sorry to bumb this topic but i have a question.
    ok so i'm going to buy a hd 449 for my phone but i decided i wanted a bit more for at home use.
    so i looked around a bit and saw that i can buy the sennheiser hd 598 for about 190$ and would like to know your opinion on them, I will watch movies, game a lot and listen to music, i listen mostly to metal and rock, acdc, motorhead, metallica, eluveitie etc. 
    would they be good for what i would like to use them for? 
  14. MattTCG
    I'd go with the hd598 for sure. Great sound stage for movies and they fit your genre of music quite well. 
  15. Regnox
    thanks! will order them tonight, can't wait [​IMG]

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