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New Head-Fier
Jan 1, 2013
I owned the Sony MDR-V6 but they broke. I believe it was the cable, something lost connection since it now produces crap sound.
I'm not sure if I want Open or Closed headphones. I'm usually in my room and the only sound I can hear would be people walking down the hallway and my fan's computer. I heard Open headphones tend to be better since the sound is not so contained? On occasions though my house does get loud with people talking outside of my room so, you guy's decide which kind of cans are best for me :)
My budget is $100-$150.
What I want
Studio Monitor Headphones, as in well balanced lows, mids, and highs. I don't want anything to be exaggerated or lacking. True to the music.
Comfortable obviously.
Durability. Especially the jack or cable or whatever broke on my MDR-V6.
Does not require an amp to sound good.
What I would like
I sometimes play FPS games so I'd like headphones that are at least decent for gaming.
Headphones that are good for movies too
Light weight
The cable to be removable so I can buy a new one if it breaks!
Volume control and pause/play button. I will be using these on my Android phone most of the time and my home computer.
Doesn't have a flat jack (or whatever it's called) so I can leave my cellphone case on and it will still plug in.
What I don't really need
I don't really need Portability since they will be in my room.

I may be forgetting something to tell you, so please do ask questions
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sounds like a job....
For Shure SRH840.
Very even, i think a tad boring but hey that makes them good for this application.
A little bit heavy, but comfortable all the same.
very well built. like a tank, removable cables.
If you want a studio monitor.. none of them will come with any kind of inline controls.
With them i honestly think an amp makes them a lot better, they scale well. but they don't really need it, although something to consider down the line,
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Wow, literally same situation, my V6s broke, so I decided to combine my return money along with some money I got for christmas to get some new cans for 100-150 dollars :p
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Go closed. Hearing talking, typing, clicking and fans, while listening, ruins the whole concept of having a nice headset and high quality audio.
Beyer COP
Shure SRH840
Brainwavz HM5
And I will say the Beyer would be my highest suggestion. The COP on setting 2 would be what you're looking for sound wise (flat/neutral). And you can make it more warm and fun for games if you want just by clicking it to setting 3 or 4. Everything is replaceable on it (wire and it's not proprietary, just a standard 3.5mm jack, pads, headband, decals). It's very, very efficient so no extra source gear needed to "sound it's best." Very comfortable. Good isolation. Great durability. The COP easily has become one of my favorite headphones in the $150~170 arena because all the fun features it has are not gimmicks but actually very functional and great features, and the customization is just a great bonus. The pads really make it too. Very big, thick, soft faux leather, feels great, and of course, you can swap to velours or anything you want. Very impressed with this headphone.
Very best,
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Thank you MalVeauX, I really appreciate your advice. I will most likely take your advice and purchase the Beyer COP, even though they are a tad out of my budget ($175 on Amazon). The volume for the bass had me settled :D

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