1. KlarkKentThe3rd

    Models like Sony MDR V6 (sound and price wise)

    Seeing how I spent what I had on what I own now, the only thing left is to dream and speculate.   Exploring this really nice site ( I found that MDR V6 is among the best 100 dollar closed cans that reproduce all frequencies pretty much perfectly...
  2. adzwi

    iPhone and laptop don't hold Sony MDR-V6 Minijack - common problem?

    Hey there,   I have a pair of Sony MDR-V6s. My problem is this: when I put the minijack in my iPhone 4S or my Apple laptop, it doesn't get secured, and usually pops out about half a millimetre.   Now, I would normally think that there is a problem with the sockets in my iphone and laptop -...
  3. Zaruk

    "I Need New 'Cans,'" the Newb Said...

    The title says it all. I am an utter and complete novice when it comes to audiophilia (is that right?). My current set ( Turtle Beach X12) is working fine, but I want something a little higher end, so I thought, If you want something done right, go to the pros. My budget is...
  4. slim01

    The noob asks - do you have to run in headphones?

    sorry if the questions already been asked, ive looked and can find no guides... but then i am a noob to head fi.   got some RHA CA200's and they dont sound too great... dont wanna bass em if it gonna hurt em   thanks
  5. appar111

    Audiotechnica ATH-M30's?

    What are your experiences with this set of cans? I'm looking for a good closed alternative to the V6's, since their upper mid/lower treble is too harsh for my ears. How do the M30's compare to the V6's? Their frequency response is only 20-20,000 as opposed to the V6's 5-30,000, so am I looking...
  6. bigbonustoday

    Best closed and bright headphone under $200

    Hi,   I'm looking to spend under $200 on a portable pair of headphones I intend to use during subway commute. I listen to mostly classical music (frequency range 50-10000) and need something with a detailed mid-range and a bright treble. Comfort is also important. Large ear caps preferred.  ...
  7. shallowminded

    MDR-V6 doomed to damage if used as portables?

    I bought a pair of V6s a while back, and used them portably for about three months before encountering an issue with the cable. About half an inch or so in from the plug, if that segment of the cable bends, the sound will cut in and out in one or both channels. Walking around with them makes...
  8. iNothing

    Sony MDR-V6

    so im going to buy the sony MDR-V6 from amazon. So i was wondering should i buy these beyerdynamic Velour pads now or later or should i even buy them at all?
  9. Mabaet

    I just saw this Sony MDR-v6 for 45$ in a store I just happen to drop by.

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I was searching for a store to buy a SONY mdr-v6.  I went to the Sony store where I found that they don't have the Sony mdr-v6 now.  While I was on my way searching around, I found a store where they sell headphones.  And its cheaper than the actual...
  10. Hifi Man

    Help a metalhead find grab-and-go headphones please

    Huge metalhead here. I'm into all metal, death, thrash, doom, black (all real metal, which discludes nu/core metal). I'm looking for a suitable portable headphone. I'm currently focused on two headphones, the Sennheiser Momentum and V-Moda M100. I already have nice at home headphones (the AKG...
  11. saturinox

    Headphones for mainly METAL

    Hi, i am looking for some great headphones to use when i walk around outside, visiting parents or wahtever. :)   I listen mainly to metal, (Deathcore, Melodic) but also hip hop. but the main-thing is they need to be good for metal-listening.   my budget is around  130-150$   They...
  12. FullFreak

    The History of Sony MDR-V4 Monitors

    So I just recently found an old pair of these in my closet. They have surprisingly very good sound quality. I spent the past hour searching the web trying to find the history of these. I ended up finding a forum post from here, dating back to 2003, but there wasn't any real info regarding them...
  13. Rosbife

    Much appreciated suggestions for Electro/House closed cans

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the hi-fi sene for quite a while, unfortunately, but not long enough for a mate of mine to ask for help picking up his first decent set of cans.  All he asks for is that "they're good" (well, duh), around 50-80 euro (let's make it 60-100 USD), and...
  14. Dongle

    If burn-in is real, are there any manufacturers that sell pre-burned drivers?

    I would think an audio-engineer would know definitively if burn-in were a real phenomena. They'd probably use laser beams to measure the distance a driver traveled right after manufacture and again after 100 hours of use as well as how the sound wave looks in something like a Bruel & Kjaer HATS...
  15. TheBoss

    Can anyone recommend me something that can power a Sony MDR V6 / 7506 "With Authority"?

    I hear/read that these headphones can sound more "smooth" and "transparent" when you give it more juice... not just to further increase volume but also refine some of V6/7506 headphone's rough edges such as its treble, "rebuild" the lost mids (when powered only with portable devices like iphones...
  16. Bitten

    HELP! My Sony MDR-V6s have started only working in the left ear unless..

    I've owned my MDR-V6s under a year and the right side has suddenly stopped working unless I twist the headphone jack around for a couple of minutes and try to hit a sweet spot. Is anyone able to help me at all? Thank you.
  17. 1

    Pearstone Pads for MDR-V6?

    Does anyone know where to get them? The usual source for them a few months ago was BHPhotoVideo, but they seemed to have discontinued the line.   I was debating between getting the Beyerdynamic pads and the Pearstone pads, and heard that the Pearstone doesnt change the sound signature while...
  18. ChocolateFinger

    Annoying issue with MDR-V6

    I love these headphones, but I keep getting a crackle/popping sound coming from the left headphone. This happens only when I put them on, the foam inside the left headphone gets lightly compressed by my ear, and as it expands it makes the crackle sound. I don't know why only the left headphone...
  19. Megadeus

    MDR-V4 parts still avail.?

    I have an old pair of Sony MDR-V4 cans with the infamous V6-like deteriorating earpads. Does anyone happen to know what the part number for replacement earpads would be or even if they're still available? I think the pads off an MDR-7502 might fit them too, since the earcups appear similar my...
  20. BattlePope

    Need help narrowing down my search for first "real" headphones and lots of general questions. Read FAQ's/guides and searched.

    Hi guys,   A few days ago, I was planning on buying Plantronics GameCom 780 to use while I play computer games. Well, I did a bit of searching and learned that if I really want to get the most bang for my buck, I should buy a clip on mic and get a real pair of 'phones. So here I am. I've...
  21. Notyu

    Best, most durable closed headphones for any type of sound.

    MAKE SURE TO READ THE END OF THIS POST FOR MORE CHOICES!   Hello, I'm new here at the Head-Fi forums, and I'm glad I found them.   I started a new thread because I feel that my request isn't as simple as some others, and I'd rather not get lost in the ocean of questions and answers found...
  22. moonmaster345

    Upgrade from the famed Monoprice 8330

    These headphones have been amazing to me, indestructable, sound quality is good comparing to my old Sennheisers, and im considering an upgrade from these bad boys, specifically in the $50-$85 dollar range in the Miami FLorida area, but i can buy online.   Ive been thinking of some audio...
  23. H20Fidelity

    Looking for brighter/cooler sounding headphones (think Sony MDR-V6) $200 - $300

    I usually find myself in the portable headphones / IEM section, as I"m an IEM kind of guy, however recently I've become interested in full-size headphones although I'm having some problems and lack of time to research all the available options, so why not ask the community my question. I'm...
  24. threedee

    Ultimate noise isolation on a budget

    I work CNC embroidering machine and that means rattle of ~85-90db most of my work day. My HD448's are useless at keeping noise out, my supertight HD1500's are dead so, need replacement.   Need something to lessen noise and play some music via Samsung Galaxy S2. Good oldfashioned isolation is...
  25. flizzystyle

    Need some advice on first serious(ish) pair of headphones

    Hi. I am a life long music lover in the market for a pair of headphones.  Upon researching many positive reviews, I purchased a monoprice pair of headphones and really like them, but I have been looking for another, more serious pair of closed over the ear headphones that I can listen to at...