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  3. davehutch

    Looking for an upgrade to my Klipsch x10s...50th birthday present?

    Hi everyone, my big day approacheth and, as the strain relief rubber on my Klipsch X10s is starting to split, I thought I ought to start planning a replacement set as a treat to myself. I've tried Shure 535s and found them to be a bit too coloured and warm sounding for my liking. I love the...
  4. Badcav203

    Alessandro MS2 listener looking for new IEM

    Hi,   New member, registered to see if anyone can give some advice.   As the the title suggests, I currently own a pair of MS2 headphones, which I love.   I am now looking at replacing a somewhat used and abused pair of Sennheiser CX400 which have served well over the past six or so...
  5. matez6

    A few questions about Shure SE215 over Klipsch S4

    These are all things I haven't found from searching for many hours on many forums. My pair of Klipsch S4 got stolen so I'm tossing up between S4 II (apparently very similar in sound to original) and Shure se215. Open to alternative suggestions, though only around this price range.   I...
  6. azureaura

    33rd birthday, XBA 4ip vs EX-1000

    Which one should I ask for from my wife? The XBA 4ip has good isolation, good separation and layering from instruments, but is not very neutral. My music stock is pop, rock and dance.   The EX-1000 is neutral, softer and more realistic with the bass and the midrange. Treble is brighter.  ...
  7. ddoyle777

    Hesitating to pull the trigger

    I've been reading for days to decide on my first pair of CIEMs and it seems like the more I read the more I hesitate. I currently use the 535s and I really like the isolation and sound, so I thought that CIEMs would give me more of all that I enjoy, but... The more I read the more I complaints...
  8. DarKen23

    Which Portable amp for my IEMs?

    Hey guys, Im new here but Ive been a sound addict for years and a compulsive shopper for expensive audio goodies. I recently purchased the 535s, and I fell in love with a buddy's pico amp. I couldnt believe the thickness it bought to my IEMs. Im ready to pull the trigger on a portable amp and...
  9. jmcejuela

    SE535, good portable setup?

    I recently got a Shure SE535 (Special Edition) when I was in Hong Kong. It's my first truly high-end audio device. Before I had a Sennheiser HD 595.   The problem that I have with these earphones is that I can hear a very noticeable and annoying hiss when I connect them directly to an iPod...
  10. InsideTM

    Arrow 4G or custom tips to improve my SE535's?

    I hope this is the right place for this, apologies if not. I've recently got hold of some SE535's and I'm looking to improve the sound. They're my first high end iem's and although I absolutely love the sound I'd like a bit more bass. I listen to a mix of dnb, dub step, punk and metal with a...
  11. Mrkrob


    Can someone please describe how one goes about purchasing custom ear tips . Is it necessary to have an audiologist make an impression and then send the impression to a manufacturer? Who in the US are highly reputable makers of custom ear tips?
  12. Nexodon

    Sennheiser IE8 at a reduced price, are they worth it?

    Hello everybody. =) I was looking for some IEM to plug into my Nexus S to listen to Music when I'm away from home. I found in a site some used but in good condition Sennheiser IE8 at 130€, about 173$ (american dollars). Are they worth it?  I found the offer to be quite good, but I don't know...
  13. ocharlas

    Musician looking for IEM suggestions

    I've been snooping around here reading the forums for a while, doing research, but in the end I decided to start my own thread (even though the subject matter has been beat to death, sorry guys.)   I'm looking for a pair of nice IEM, preferable somewhere around $300.  Although I am a...
  14. Saint Henrik

    Best iems for under 450$ ?

    Hello all so i'm planning to buy some iems that can be driven unamped from my Sony Walkman Z Price range: under 450$ I mostly listen to rock , alternative, classical, soul , indie and sometimes country and pop. I don't listen that much electronic , techno , trance, dubstep or metal. I...
  15. Moliat

    Multiple purposes: Shure SE535 vs. Sennheiser IE80

    Hello,   I have been using rather cheap earphones for a long time ($20 - $50 range) and am getting rather tired of the "okay" sound. I enjoy good music (good being personal taste, but the point is I thoroughly enjoy music) and I listen to it in a variety of situations. I'm no fan of...
  16. lawdlc

    Help Identifying Clear IEM 3 driver ? Photos Attached

    Picked up this pair of IEMs that sound pretty damn good... the only discernible mark is a V.... Ive searched the V Moda models and nothing they have in their recent lineups seems to resemble this item...and they have detachable cables which would seem to indicate to me a more recent model...
  17. airo

    $500 iem vs $500 headphones?

    I am just wondering how will $500 iems such as the westone 4, um3x or se535 would compare with the similar priced headphones like the hd650/600, he400, or denon d5000? would iems sound better or worse? i know they are totally different but as of right now, i am very confused on what should i...
  18. ellis ip

    earphone better than westone4

    i use my westone 4 for few yr but i think the treble and mid is just not smooth and forward for me , i have try shure535 , but it just not bassy enough , i thought about sm3 but it less bass than w4 , i used to listen classical, pop, some rock , and sound track(transformer) any other suggestions...
  19. InsideTM

    Shure 535 noise reduction vs QC15's?

    Hi All,   I'm looking at upgrading my old IE6's (& Comply tips) with the main aim of increased noise reduction. I had looked at the Bose QC15's but read around here and can't spend that much on something with so many question marks. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music and would love to be...
  20. el1011

    Help selecting a new cable for Shure 535's

    I have had my 535's for 2+ years and love them as much as the day I got them. My OEM cable is starting to cut out at the plug so it is time for a new cable. I appreciate great sound, but don't consider myself an audiophile, mainly because I have other hobbies that take up my spare time and...
  21. lawonga

    Shure olives removal

    How does everyone remove theirs? I am getting a pair of W3's to replace my old W2's who had a snapped nozzle (because of my rough hands). Are there any good tips on how to remove them?
  22. Deeman

    Shure SE535 or Sennheiser IE8?

    Hello world. Making my first high end IEM purchase here. Been doing a lot of research and narrowed it down to the two mentioned above. I realise that both have very different sound signatures. Because from what was described in other reviews and what not, I like both kinds of sound signatures...
  23. note2self

    looking for my first pair of nice iem

    hello i was lead to this site because of all the wealth of knowledge about headphones ,iem ect.. i am very virgin about it all but have been doing some reading here and other sites i have a budget of max 400$ i listen to all types of music im not a bass head but i would like to hear the song...
  24. johntheman123

    Ferrari of IEM's?

    Hi,   So I'm by no means an expert audiophile or anything of the sort but am slowly becoming obsessed..   I live alone, and easily spend 12-14 hours a day listening to music using in ear headphones. I previously owned the Kilpsch S4's which I lost, and ended up buying some UE 900's from...
  25. JorgeC

    Make Any HeadRoom Purchase until Dec.20, Get Entered for FREE Shure SE535!!

    Hello Head-Fi Family & Friends,   Yet another killer holiday special from your HeadRoom pals! ....   Starting right now until Dec 20, 2012 ~ make ANY purchase at HeadRoom - and get automatically entered to win a free, brand-new set of Shure SE535 audiophile in-ear...