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    NuForce uDAC-2 with Sony EX700lp (they don't have anything to do with each other).
  2. FenderP

    Wow! The Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SB (also known as "Don't go to Yodobashi" lol)

    So if you've seen some of my other posts, I'm here in Tokyo on vacation and was going to audition the Ortofon e-Q7 if I could among others. I like the IE8 I use with my Sony NW-X1060/BI, but they aren't the most comfortable IEMs. I did the turning upside down thing and switched the cable sides...
  3. HiFlight

    F.S. Sony MDR-EX700LP IEM's

    I have for sale a set of Sony EX700LP phones for sale.  All of the original packing, manuals, tip selection and carry case are included. Phones are in "as new" condition and sound excellent.   Price is $95 shipped.      
  4. NicoCat

    FS: Sony MDR-EX700LP Headphones, Near Mint, Boxed With All Accessories [UK/EU/WW]

    For sale is a pair of Sony MDR-EX700LP headphones, in near mint condition and comes with all accessories (7 pairs of Hybird tips, carry case, box and manuals).    Reason for sale:   I prefer to use full-sized open headphones or speakers over IEMs. These EX700's spent most of their time...
  5. NicoCat

    FS: Sony MDR-EX700LP Headphones, Mint, Boxed With All Accessories [UK/EU/WW]

    For sale is a pair of Sony MDR-EX700LP headphones, in mint condition and comes with all accessories (7 pairs of Hybird tips, carry case, box and manuals).    Reason for sale:   I prefer to use full-sized open headphones or speakers over IEMs. These EX700's spent most of their time...
  6. Akash

    SONY MDR EX700LP for sale

    Hello, selling my sony mdr ex700lp for £80...includes posting and paypal fees.   They are in excellent condition, used for about 20hrs max.   See pic, complete with all accessories boxed.   SOLD!
  7. Dj HyPe

    new iems - cheap or expensive?

    Hulk crush puny heaadphones, no seriously!   I literally use my iems ALL DAY, or at least most of it. I find oems make my neck hurt after 2 hours.    Headphone history (not including $4!7 ones)  Xears had good sound and ok for comfort but broke really quickly - 2 months.  Sony...
  8. Gozzer

    MDR-EX700LP or RE-262

    My current go to buds are the RE-0 and HF-5.   In the near future I'm thinking of going to the RE-262.  A local electrons shop has the MDR-EX700LP for $149.00 cdn. (reg $249) I understand they have a 6 db sibilance which I think I can deal with.  Is their accuracy in line with of Hifimans...
  9. RokYa

    TF10 Alternative: Atrio MG7 vs ATH CK90Pro vs JVC FXT90 vs Sony EX700

    Hi guys   I need help on finding a pair of 'perfect' earphones suited for my needs. I first started the hunt for a pair of IEM's on my thread ( but I thought I'd start a new one as I've changed the earphones in...
  10. RayleighSilvers

    Need advice please. First serious purchase of IEMs

    Hello there head-fi'ers.   I've been reading these forums for quite a while now, checking the different threads, especially the multi iem shootout one. As you can probably guess I'm completely baffled by how complex sound is and how much there is to know. I'm posting this thread because I...
  11. svyr

    Moisture and BA/Dynamic driver IEMs?

    Not sure if this has come up before (a quick google search suggests it hasn't, but maybe I wasn't searching for the right thing) Does anyone have any specific details about how moisture affects (degrades?) IEM drivers. I'm particularly interested in BA drivers (e.g. using them on wet days, or...
  12. kiteki

    [kiteki review] - Hifiman RE0 / RE252 / RE272 versus other IEM's (post #153)

    RE0 multi-review skip to post #153     Just started listening to these about an hour ago.   I like them a lot so far, so they are worthy of a review, imho.     These are my initial impressions, posted in a different thread, copied here.          I just opened up my RE0...
  13. FenderP

    Quick Impression: Sony MDR-7550

    I needed another pair of IEMs like a hole in the head, but the 7550s intrigued me. My current portable 'phones are the MDR-NC300D. Yeah, I know ... but on a plane, they work really well. And they actually sound decent all things considered. I'm not doing critical listening on a plane. For a long...
  14. Pickaxe

    Universal IEMs that are STURDY?

    I am sick and tired of buying new IEMs when my previous pairs die. I don't baby my pairs. I work out all the time and need my phones. I take them to work, I wear them during commutes... anyway, I need something with actual build quality. Budget is up to 250$, preferably 200$. How about the CK10?
  15. bigandfloppy

    In need of lively, energetic IEM's ($150-200)

    Hello everybody!   I'm in need of a new pair of IEM's. I do not have a lot of experience with them. I'm looking for something with a very energetic, lively sound, with emphasis on bass. I listen to everything but im mainly looking for something that is just going to make you want to get up...
  16. C

    SONY MDR-EX1000 color fading out

    - I got these last week (Brand new, sealed), and I have been using them religiously (Closed to 50-75 hours).   - I notice that the lettering that says "MDR-EX1000" and "JAPAN" in white imprint is fading out.       Dammit!  is that also happening to your pair? Can anyone who owns...
  17. TJguitar

    Best >$250 in ear for my needs

    I'm looking for a balanced IEM for listening to a wide range of music.   I'd like it to be detailed but not necessarily analytical and it's of the highest priority that it sounds good with every kind of music. I know this is very vague but right now i'm just trying to get some ideas. Thanks...

    Name some headphones cheaper and perform better than this pair

    Right now, Amazon has the Phiaton 200 shipped for about $150. I think this is a decent price for them, but I was wondering if there was a another pair of IEM that are cheaper yet perform better.    I'm also looking at the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi or the older ATHCK7, which are around the...
  19. youngballer

    $100 OE headphones

    Hey newbie here. I have never owned any good OE headphones. The only one I had was sony mdr-xd100 and that was terrible. I am looking for something around $100 that I can use in the subway or library. It doesnt need to be too big or flashy and should be comfortable for 2-3 hours of continuous...
  20. Tiranda

    Sony Ex700 Vs. Ex500 Vs. Akg K370

    as U see guys, i wanna Buy one Of them. i wanna Figure Out Which One is Better & more suitable 4 my iphone....And which one is valor! 
  21. chrisssssssss2

    Sennheiser IE8: The Search for the Perfect Tips

    As most Sennheiser IE8 owners know, getting the right tips for their IE8s is one of the most important features because it changes the sound quality more than any other IEM. As a proud owner, I have tried multiple tips, seeing how each tip affects the sound quality. Usually, I've found that the...
  22. Polynomial

    Sennheiser IE7 or Sony MDR-EX700

    Hey everyone. I have been researching these two earphones for a while, but I can't find any direct comparisons of the two.   I can get the Sony MDR-EX700 for £15.50 more than the Sennheiser IE7, so I was just wondering which one you guys thinks has better sound quality and is better overall...
  23. speedwheels

    Got a pair of fake Sony MDR EX-700

    Folks. I got a pair of $1.05(shipped) Sony MDR Ex-700 IEMs off eBay. I was curious to see how decent a $1 pair of headphones can sound. I threw them on for a few minutes as soon as I got them. Well they sound NICE. Not as nice as the audio technica ATH-ad500 I recently tried out but very decent...
  24. wtfwtflol

    Maximun BASS from IEMs

    Hi everybody.   A week ago I ordered the Monster Turbines when it was $58 on amazon. Hoping to finally get a pair of IEM that could satisfy my hunger for bass. After 4 days of testing and burn-in, I must say these failed miserably compared to the Playaz N1 with the foam tip. On a scale of...
  25. crystalclear

    Senn IE6 Vs Denon c751 Vs Philips SHE9850 Vs Shure SE115 Vs Sony MDR-EX700 - good bass

    Hello Experts,    I would put my requirements straightaway :)   I have Creative EP630(my first) and Etymotic HF2(my second). I bought HF2 as a level ahead for my ep630, but soon realised that though treble is very good, but i keep missing bass of creative's everytime, so I end up...