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TF10 Alternative: Atrio MG7 vs ATH CK90Pro vs JVC FXT90 vs Sony EX700

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  1. RokYa
    Hi guys
    I need help on finding a pair of 'perfect' earphones suited for my needs. I first started the hunt for a pair of IEM's on my thread (http://www.head-fi.org/t/585965/newbie-advice-on-new-iems-upgrade-from-s4s) but I thought I'd start a new one as I've changed the earphones in consideration. I will be upgrading from a pair of Klipsch S4's and have about £150 ($230) budget. I will be using them with my Cowon J3 whilst traveling, so comfort is a big factor. Also I would prefer the earphones to be straight-down-the-ears instead of over-the-ears. I mainly listen to hip-hop, R'n'B and Pop.
    I've previously tried the Ultimate Ears 700 and found them to be bass light, harsh in the treble and overall inferior to the S4's so they were returned. I currently have a pair of Klipsch X10's and UE TripleFi 10's in hand but these will be sold/returned also. I found the X10 to be a bit recessed in all area's when compared to the S4's, but they are the most comfortable earphones ever. The TF10's were amazing in every aspect except comfort and fit, and because I will be using these earphones for traveling I find that the TF10's are not ideal for this. So the earphones in consideration now are:
    1. Atrio MG7
    2. Audio Technica CK90Pro
    3. JVC FXT90
    4. Sony EX700
    I've read that these earphones have a good low-end response, but being and audiophile strong bass isn't the only thing I'm looking for. I do need great mids and sparkling highs. As I said in my previous thread the TF10's are the best earphones I've ever heard but the fit/comfort was an issue. In a perfect would I would like the sound of the TF10 with the fit of the X10 but I'm sure these earphones don't exist. So if anyone could give me some help/advice on these earphones, possibly outline which ones sound most like the Tf10's or suggest any other earphones that may be 'better' for my needs, I would be very grateful.
  2. RokYa
  3. RokYa
    Bump Bump
  4. RokYa
    I've eliminated the EX700's
  5. lee730

    Have you considered getting your TF10s custom remolded thus eliminating your fit issues and giving you the best value in the triple driver Custom IEM segment?... I haven't heard the FXT90 but I do own the FX700s and they are amazing IEMs. Also the IE80s are amazing IEMs. Consider saving up a tad bit and get a used pair of FX700s from headfi's sale adds. I got my used pair for $270.00 and don't regret it one bit. There's also the FX500 which is quite cheaper but its treble is a bit more aggressive than the FX700. Still a great IEM from what I've read. It has more sub bass and less mid bass than the FX700. Sound stage is about the same size so its large for sure. They sell for around $150.00+ which is quite within your budget.

  6. RokYa
    Thanks lee730,
    I did consider the custom tips and although I'm not sure about pricing I think it may push me out of my budget. Also the memory wire is quite annoying as I wear them straight down, it's just too stiff.
    I read great things about the fx700 on Joker's review but it seems the FXT90 is similar to them but half the price (maybe even more) so it's seems to be a better value for money iem. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and order some FXT90's as a lot of people on head-fi seem to love them. If they don't work out for me I will finally just get the Atrio MG7 which seem to be the ideal phones for my genre but I'm just a little worried about the mids and treble, particularly compared to the S4's.
    I think I'll wait for a few more replies before taking the plunge on the FXT90's...
  7. lee730

    I'm not talking about custom tips lol I'm talking about having them reshelled into custom IEMs. Means they are remade to fit into only your ear canals. There is a big difference between custom tips and custom IEMs period :).

  8. RokYa
    Oh right sorry I misunderstood. I'm assuming that this is an expensive process? Also which places would you recommend?
  9. lee730


    Well I am getting mine done at Fisher Audio for $85.00 and since I am a part of the group buy I get free art work done which is a $25.00 value. But If we meet the 25 quota we save 15% off ($76.50 instead) and still get free art work. Normal price is $90.00. Also Unique Melody does custom reselling but they are a bit more expensive than Fisher(also known as Inearz). If anything the shipping would cost you. But if you were to opt for basic shipping it would really cut down on the cost.
  10. Nulliverse


    I have both the FXT90s and the FX-700s, and personally wouldn't describe them as similar. To my ears they are very different phones. That said, I think this is a strength on the FXT90s part, as they are much more than just a less proficient FX-700.
    I've not heard the Sonys, ATs or Atrios. From what I've read, the Sonys are more balanced, and monitor like, whereas the Atrios are bass monsters. Can't comment on the ATs. The FXT90s are very versatile, technically impressive, but also very musical.
    Check out the FXT90 thread for more details. Somebody who recently received their FXT90s, said that they were so good that they were considering selling their TF10s. Perhaps you should PM him for a comparison.     
  11. navmau

    The Atrio's are actually classed as professional studio monitors. The bass is not "too much" it is perfect and is presented how it was intended to be presented.
  12. RokYa


    Sounds like the overall cost will be way over budget for me and a hassle to send them overseas. Maybe it would just be easier to get a more comfortable triple driver iem like the SE535? Either way it is out of budget for me.


    Sounds like you are impressed with the FXT90's as many on head-fi are. I just posted on the thread for Jiff's advice on the TF10 comparison.

    As I've told you before I feel like the Atrio's are going to be the iem's I've been searching for!
  13. A Ham Sandwich
    I love my Turbine Pro Golds and they can be had in that price range if you look around.  They are definitely an audiophile bass-head's IEM.  Don't exclude them in your search.
  14. lee730


    FX700s for the win. I think those are a clear upgrade to the TF10 in every aspect besides isolation. Basically they are on a whole different level above the TF10, Turbines, IE8s. Can't say the same though about the IE80, those have really come a long way and am looking forward to them complimenting my FX700s.
  15. Nulliverse


    I'm not sure where you got the "too much" bit from... I've never heard the Atrios, so cannot comment on personal preference. See also the "I have read" bit. Apologies if I was unclear, I used the term "bass monsters" to describe a group of earphones which are known primarily for the strength of their bottom end. The Atrios belong in this group, and are well known for being amongst the best basshead earphones around. In that light, I'm not surprised you find their bass perfect. Perhaps the OP would too.
    However, the OP did state that he wanted something more than just bass, with great mids and sparkling highs. From what I've read, the Atrios have slightly recessed mids, moderate highs and a comparatively darker sound signature than the Sony's or JVCs. Furthermore, he wants something which sounds like the TF10 (which has a very wide soundstage), so he may find the Atrios soundstage unimpressive.
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