Jan 3, 2012
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Trainee Electrician

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    Trainee Electrician
    Anime One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Gintama, Bleach
    Gaming (xbox-Wii)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Not many. Compared to what people on this forum have I'm embarrassed to even mention them but they are

    WS 55
    DT 770/80
    AD900 (Returned)
    Grado sr225i (Returned)
    CAL! (Returned)
    Fischer Consonance (Returned)
    Panasonic HTF600
    Sennheiser HD558 (sold)
    Koss KSC75
    Soundmagic E10
    Turtlebeach x41's (Hissing completely ruins what would otherwise be a very decent sounding headset)
    Turtlebeach x1's (cable inside has broken somehow, don't know why this keeps happening)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    WTB one. Maybe Fiio E9?

    Digizoid ZO 2.3 (Returned)
    Source Inventory:
    Xonar DG
    Asus Transformer (need to add voodoo mod)
    Sansa clip+ RB
    Sansa clip(v1) Rockboxed. Lineout jack broken, only plays music through right ear.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Denon Dav
    Sony Dav
    Music Preferences:
    J-Neo CLassical - Fiction Junction, Kalafina, Sound Horizon
    J-pop/rock - Perfume, Scandal, AAA, 9nine, Stereopony, Any song that sounds nice.
    Anime songs - Absolutely love them. They should have separate chart for anime songs since they never seem to do well in the Oricons.
    One Piece openings are my favourites.
    24 year old from not so jolly old England (The weather is terrible here).


    WS55  ♫  DT 770/80  ♫ HTF600  ♫  SM E10  ♫  KSC75  ♫  TB X41  ♫  TB X1
    Xonar DG  || Clip+ RB  || eee pad
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