1. Rice

    best earphones

    Etymotic er-4s/p SONY mdr-e282 SONY mdr-e252
  2. redrich2000

    Closest shallow fitting ER-4S alternative?

    I have narrow and sensitive ear canals. Despite trying every conceivable tip and a few different IEMs, I just can't use the deep-fitting ones. If I could, the ER-4S would have ended my journey here years ago. I found them to be perfectly flat, clear, detailed and natural sounding. Despite trying...
  3. MayorDomino

    ROSS RE-252

    Does anyone know anything about these? there is literally nothing on on the net.   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321368211155?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  4. average_joe

    Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper vs. the IE8, CK10, CK90Pro (modded), RE252, triple.fi 10, FX500, WM2 silver, and Some e-Q7

    I am sure you already know all about the Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper IEM and what it comes with (if you don't, it is easy to find) so this comparison review is only a sound quality/presentation comparisons of the Copper vs. many other high-end IEMs. I tried to use a wide selection of genres...
  5. kanonathena

    Sale: re252 $100 shipped, warrenty almost expired

    Sell rarely used re252 for $100 shipped, all asseseries included.
  6. Ikarios

    FS: Head-Direct / Hifiman RE252

    I received these in a trade about a week ago. They sound fantastic for what they do, but I was hoping they'd be closer to the RE-0 heritage than the RE262 side (in other words, they have great mids and smooth treble, but isn't very energetic). I prefer my Phonaks and my GR07 just a bit more, so...
  7. alphaphoenix

    HifiMan RE252 with tons of tips

    I recently purchased from Aflac, and sold my MTPC over these.  I'm consolidating and with two reshells and workout IEM, these will not get much well deserved listening time.  Condition of the RE252 is excellent and comes with the a boat load of tips as these can be finicky depending on the ear...
  8. Flimberson

    FS: Hifiman RE ZERO

    Hey there, I got these RE-ZERO's from the winter deal promotion with the Hifiman 601 back in December. They've been burned in and very lightly used (less than 5 hours). It'll be kept short and simple, just the headphones and the small bag of accessories. If you have any questions or concerns...
  9. kiteki

    [kiteki review] - Hifiman RE0 / RE252 / RE272 versus other IEM's (post #153)

    RE0 multi-review skip to post #153     Just started listening to these about an hour ago.   I like them a lot so far, so they are worthy of a review, imho.     These are my initial impressions, posted in a different thread, copied here.          I just opened up my RE0...
  10. rangerid

    [WANTED] Large Bi-Flange for RE252/262/272

    This could be a long shot but I am looking for the largest size of Biflange tips from Hifiman RE252/262/272.   I recently tried these from a friend and these are the only silicone tips I have ever gotten a seal with and isolation is pretty good too. If anyone has any please PM me.   Thanks! 
  11. kanonathena


    Just received my replacement pair of re252, they look brand new with clear "Hifiman" markings on the silicon shell. Untouched original accessory included. Out of warranty.   $100 SHIPPED TO ANY COUNTRY.  
  12. Figuto

    RE 252

    I want to sell them because I do not like their sound. Like new, only logos hifiman are wiped off. In original box with all accessories. 
  13. Heret1c

    Vsonic GR07 or RE252 / 262

    Please PM me if you have any of these and are looking to let go of them. Prefer if its a full retail package with all the accessories intact. Also, as I'm in Malaysia, need to be willing to ship internationally.   Thanks in advance.
  14. proedros

    WTB Ortofon e-Q5 / ck-10 / Hifiman RE-252 or RE-262 (with warranty left on it)

    PM me with your offer and description (buy date etc) , if you have one of these four great IEMs and you want to sell them   Cheers.
  15. sphinxvc

    Hifiman RE-252 (Rare)

    Willing to sell my RE-252s everything inclusive.  Can only ship weekends.  SOLD
  16. kiteki

    FS: Hifiman RE252 + Hifiman HM-101 - cyber monday deal $99

      The now discontinued soon rare Hifiman RE252 including the original box with unused S and L tips (I will clean the M tips).   For an additional $20 I will include the very good Hifiman HM-101 USB DAC/Amp (featured in the picture above).     $17 next day delivery with DHL within...
  17. JosephKim

    HIfiman re252

    Received these a few days ago from another head-fier. The IEMs are as new and comes with S/M/L single flange tips. Price is for paypal gifted including shipping. Thank you.
  18. Y

    Head Direct RE252

    http://www.head-fi.org/t/581731/fs-hifiman-re252-hifiman-hm-101-cyber-monday-deal-99     I never knew I would have to sell these so quickly then, but they are up and good to go. I need money to buy books and other stuff. Well, I can live without selling these for a month, but eventually I...
  19. domino584

    Looking at the Cowon C2 + Hifiman RE Zeroes

    I'm hearing good things about the audio quality of the C2, but I was wondering what these forums think of it?  I listen to primiarly folk and hard rock (mostly 70s-early 90s).  Most of the formats I'll be using is FLAC or other lossless codecs.  If paired with the Zeroes, would it be a great...
  20. alphaphoenix

    Hifiman RE-252 - SOLD

    Hifiman RE-252 IEM; once its flagship IEM.  It comes complete with all accessories: full set of replacement filters, and complete set of tips (S/M/L single flange dark silicon tips; 1 set of S/M double flange clear silicon tips; 2 sets of M/L double flange clear silicon tips), shirt clip, and...
  21. rahuldagli

    Fischer Silver Bullets vs Hifiman Re Zero

    Which is better SQ, Comforts and Isolation wise. Do I require AMP to drive SB from my smartphone?
  22. ulogin

    Rare and Collectible: HiFiMan RE252

    Up for sale are the beloved RE-252:   HiFiMan RE-252: $108     Just got them from an anonymous but well-respected head-fier from his eBay listing...
  23. kxanthop

    Yet another "best IEM for ~€120 ($150)" thread

    I am in the market for a new pair of IEMs. I listen mostly to Jazz (Apple lossless files) and will be using an iPhone 3GS as a source (and amp?). I have never owned IEMs, but I guess I am more on the analytical side (and if some coloration is necessary, I would opt for the warm+sweet) and plan...
  24. LosslesslyHope

    Sell Beats, (yes Beats) and buy HiFiMan RE-262?

    Currently have Dr. Dre Beats. (They were a gift). I was wondering if it would be worth selling them, and buying the headphones mentioned in the title (HiFiMan RE-262). Also, if I could get enough money for the beats to purchase them. They are used, but have 0 signs of being used. Would also be...
  25. mbamg

    Broken RE252s

    So I bought a pair of RE252s off someone a few weeks ago, and everything up until now was fine.   The problem started when my left earpiece started to drop in volume. When I took it out, the music disappeared altogether. Within a few minutes, the music also disappeared from the right earpiece...